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The Stolen Breadbasket

From the accounts of  /u/ukraine_riot, a verified protester on Reddit, who talked to the police before the protests started happening.
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By Noah Wright

Much like the protests that occurred in Turkey in 2013, the protests happening in the Ukraine are not getting the international coverage they deserve.

The Ukrainians are, in essence, tired of being bullied by their government since Yanukovich stole the election in 2010. Video evidence shows police of the country killing and harming innocents  without repercussion. Yanukovich had been arrested twice for theft before his presidency and is generally referred to as a thug by Ukrainians speaking about him. The prime minister supposedly does not even speak the language of the country. The country is said to be controlled by a ruthless mafia, with Yanukovich at the head. Several opponents of the current government have died under shady circumstances.

Recently, the president signed a trade bill with Russia instead of the European Union. This was the final straw for the Ukrainian people, who don’t want to be in the same situation as they were back in the Soviet Union. Once they began protesting, the president outlawed protesting, which only made more Ukrainians join the effort.

The protests aim to be very organized and as peaceful as possible, although they have used Molotov cocktails to combat police. The protesters have elected leaders, buses to transport new protesters from around the country to protesting areas, and provide food for the hungry.

The Ukrainian government hires thugs to start riots. The thugs are first supposed to blend in with protesters, but they wear special wristbands and then start attacking the police and protesters indiscriminately. Then, they retreat behind the police while the police have free reign to start attacking civilians. /u/outlo is a Ukrainian and refers to these people as “titushky.”

At one point, the protesters surrounded a building filled with police. Two police were killed by Molotov Cocktails and several protestors were injured. The police were so overwhelmed, they gave up. The protesters cleared a path and let them leave peacefully, but some shouted insults at the police as they left.

The leader of Euromaidan, a Ukrainian activist group, has been kidnapped and tortured. Hospitals are being used by police to pick up activists. Over the past few days, over a hundred people have gone missing and acts of terror are being reported across the country.

The prime minister and his cabinet resigned a few days ago, and several controversial laws have been lifted, but unfortunately this means nothing. The president is still in complete power, the leader of the parliament is friends with him, and he has all of the police on his side.

The situation the Ukrainians are in could actually be a lot worse. Right now, Russia is preoccupied with the Winter Olympics and cannot involve itself in this conflict in fear of a boycott of the games.

Major US News sources are choosing not to discuss this topic. Therefore, not many people are aware of what is happening in the Ukraine. Most of the people I talked to did not even know the Ukraine was a country. As /u/jupit3r33 on Reddit recommends, contact your news station and your city officials to raise awareness of this revolution.

Only time will tell if the Ukrainians will succeed in their revolution.

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