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Frozen Movie Review

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Hiding in the snow are some of the most lovable characters from Disney’s movie Frozen.

By Remi Kramer

Frozen is an animated adventure comedy produced by Disney about two sisters who must fight to protect each other and their kingdom. It was released on the 27th of November 2013. The movie was nominated for two Oscars with twenty-one wins and twenty-seven other nominations.

The movie follows Elsa, the soon-to-be queen, who must hide her powers from everyone to keep them safe even if that means she must push her loved ones away. When her younger sister, Anna, accidentally reveals her secret to everyone, she must hide from the kingdom of Arendelle. She mistakenly traps her home an everlasting winter, Anna must team up with unlikely allies to save Arendelle before it’s too late.

Frozen featured a large group of very lovable characters but a favorite by far was the real life snowman, Olaf, who helped Anna on her adventure.  “He was so cute and hilarious!” said Junior Annie Stoll. Others said their favorite was Elsa because “…she is a independent person,” said Freshman Shannon Frane.

“It was a kid friendly, funny movie,” said Freshaman Kayla Finnell. But the movie tackles other issues “[With Elsa, it] definitely was intentional to show anxiety and depression,” said Jennifer Lee, the director of Frozen, on Twitter. So many viewers can identify with Elsa on her issues. Stigma around mental health in the media has left people with those issues to feel alone and misrepresented on screen. This movie will help children and other teens who comprehend that people with anxiety and depression aren’t scary weirdos, as shown in other Hollywood movies.

Overall, Frozen was a wonderful movie that will make you laugh and cry. Everyone interviewed claimed they would watch it again.



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