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The Perfect Valentine’s Day

People are rushing to the flower stores to buy roses for their valentines. (c) 2011 GALE

By Victoria Santis

What are your plans for this Valentine’s day? Are you going on a date? Or maybe staying home, stuffing your face with chocolate that you bought for yourself, while watching a sappy romantic movie? Whatever you’re doing, you probably want to know the hottest places to go for dates, the best outfits to be caught in, and even the greatest gifts.

When it comes to girls, they tend to want jewelry or flowers. However, there are some unique young women out there that would say otherwise. When asked what a good gift to receive is, Bianca Buschar said, “Chocolate. Definitely chocolate. Chocolate is good.” Taylor Martin suggested she would want a teddy bear and chocolate or a rose.

On Valentine’s Day, many girls stress about the perfect outfit to wear for their special date. There’s no need! A simple, but cute outfit will do just fine. Some girls just don’t care, and wear whatever feels comfortable, like Bianca who states,”I usually wear something involving pajamas and a heap of blankets.” On the other hand, Taylor Martin would rather wear,” A flowery white skirt and a red sweater with white hearts would be adorable.”

Where is the perfect place to wear these overly stressed outfits? ” Either the movies or some kind of fair,” states Taylor Martin. Kenton Coleman, in reference to the date, commented, “Wherever my girl is. “This freshman would give a girl chocolate and kisses for a Valentines gift.

Whether you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with your significant other or binge watching a season of your favorite show on Netflix, these tips can help you get through the much anticipated day of love.



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