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5 Ways to Handle School Stress

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Being overloaded with schoolwork proves to be too much to bear for Senior Jeannette Buschor.

By Bianca Buschor

Unless you have an unusual obsession with dying your hair, you probably don’t like having to deal with stress-induced gray hairs. Thankfully, there are many ways to deal with stress, especially with anything school-related. The most stressful aspect of any person’s life at one point was school. However, school itself is not what students dread the most; it’s the homework. When surveyed, students claimed homework weighed in as the most stressful aspect of their lives. Although all school work is difficult, the students who take higher level classes or play sports seem to be the most stressed. “I try to balance my life between sports, music, and school,” explains Sophomore Matt Schwartz. ”

Sometimes I feel like school forces me to choose just one.” Juggling work and play in this day and age is nearing impossible, as Matt says, but there are still things to make doing so just a bit easier.

(1) Eat: Eat a lot. Eat your heart out. This might not be the healthiest way to go about it, but seriously, we all do it. Just remember to breathe when you’re scarfing down a whole pizza by yourself.

(2) Music: Listen to some music while doing your work. Many say it relaxes them and makes doing their work more fluid. (Heavy metal is not recommended.)

(3) Get it Off Your Chest: Ranting to someone who can deal with the burden is acceptable. Venting about your anger towards your history essay is better than keeping it bottled up, which makes it harder for you to focus on your work.

(4) Gimme a Break: Take study breaks! Do something that you love, whether it’s drawing, watching a movie, reading, or my favorite, sleeping. However, try not to take a break every five minutes,  that kind of defeats the point.

(5)  Take it Slow: Do your work as soon as possible. If you’re assigned 35 dialectical journals on yet another Shakespearean play that’s due in three weeks, do yourself a huge favor and get started that day. Projects are proven to be easier when you accomplish little bits of it each day. Whatever you do, do NOT wait until the day before. Procrastination is deadly, as senior Jeannette Buschor stresses. “It really elevates my stress. It’s something I really have to work on… I’ll start tomorrow.”

Find out which method helps you the most, whether it’s jamming out to a new hit single, snacking on a pie, or just plain old getting your work done.  You owe it to yourself to be stress-free.



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