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A World with Google Glass

Google Glass

Showing off the incredible new Google Glass. Google has launched itself into the future! (c) 2013 GALE

By Morghan Olaiz

“Okay, Glass,” those two simple words could change everything we thought we knew about technology forever.  We have all seen movies set in the future where people communicate with everyone through a small screen in front of their eye, but did you ever think you would actually be able to use that technology yourself?  Well, that technology might be closer than you think.

Introducing Google’s latest invention: Google Glass!  Google Glass has a frame similar to glasses and sunglasses, but without the lens.  Instead, there is a small screen positioned in front of the right eye. On the frame, next to the screen, is a touch-sensitive bar.  With a tap, gesture, or voice command you can control Glass. Take a picture, start a video, send a message, get directions, translate one language into another; the list is endless! (http://www.google.com/glass/start/)  Almost any function you can perform on a phone or computer can now be done instantly and hands free.   But, do people actually want this futuristic technology now?

Students at Viera High School gave their opinions about this question.  Many said that they would like to use Google Glass for various reasons.  Senior Tristan Maxum clarified why he would use Glass. “I wouldn’t need to pull out my phone or be on a computer to look something up online and it would be stylish.”  While looking stylish is one of Tristan’s reasons to have Glass most students say they would use Glass for work and staying connected to friends and family.  However, where there are upsides to new technology, there are also downfalls.
The students agree that Google Glass would not solve the problems people have with distractions.  When asked if Glass might stop people from being distracted by technology, junior Lauren Paddock commented, “Not necessarily because having the tiny square in front of your face could be just as distracting.”  Freshman Nathan Gindling expressed similar thoughts about Google Glass. “I think they would become the main distraction. They are in your face every second.  I think that people will have their eyes always looking up.”  Distractions are not the only problems that people think Glass will have.  Junior Clayton Gindling states, “Google Glass is likely to have some issues with voice commands, especially in loud situations.”  However, the main issue people have about Glass is privacy.

What do the students think about the controversy of privacy that surrounds Google Glass? Many people say that Glass will get rid of the small amount of privacy that is left in the world.  However, the students at Viera High disagree with that thought.  Senior Ashley Bronzell relates to the mindset that many students have. “I feel everyone’s privacy is already gone, so using Google Glass really would not change anything.”  With the technology that is already in the world today people doubt that there is any privacy left. They don’t think that Glass will have that much of an effect on the life we are living now.
Whether you are ready for Google Glass or not, technology is advancing fast.  If technology has taught us one thing it is that we have to be careful with it.  If you want privacy, don’t post it on the Internet.  So, get ready because the future is here today!

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