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The Magic of Juicing


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Juicing can involve almost any vegetable to improve your health.

By Taylor Worley

A new phenomenon has swept the health and fitness world, drawing in those who want to lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle. What is this method? Juicing. Juicing is the process of extracting liquid from fruit or vegetables, and is often used in place of a meal.

There are many benefits of juicing in your everyday life. Juicing allows you to digest and extract the nutrients from the vegetables more efficiently because it takes out a step out of digestion; the liquidation. Brittnie DeTorre, an eleventh grader at Viera High School, states, “Juicing is a healthy alternative to fatty foods because fruits and veggies are not processed like fatty foods.”

Many people have a hard time scarfing down the daily amounts of fruits and vegetables required to sustain a healthy lifestyle. With juicing, 4 servings of fruits and vegetables can be easily compressed into just one glass of juice. This glass of juice tastes both delicious and can help cleanse and purify your body. This way, those who are not fond of fruits and vegetables will receive their daily dose of super foods.

Many people tend to not vary their vegetable intake which actually may result in an allergy to certain foods. With juicing, varying fruits is easy due to the fact that the taste can be masked within the juice. Juicing can also be a healthy and delicious alternative to fatty junk food. After just one glass of fruits and vegetables, one would feel incredibly energized and refreshed. Danielle O’ Brien, a twelfth  grader at Viera High School, writes “I have juiced apples to make apple juice, and I believe I felt more energized due to the vitamins in the apples.”

Although there has been limited research, there is evidence that juicing can prevent both cancer and heart disease, while helping people sustain a healthy lifestyle. A ninth grader, Remi Kramer, agrees saying, “Juicing provides your body with more organic food that hasn’t been processed.”

Juicing is quick and easy. Almost every fruit and vegetable can be blended together to create a glass of vitamin packed drink. Monica Parish, a tenth grader, stated, “I’d love to juice oranges, apples, peaches, and I love raspberries.” Almost any vitamin packed fruit or vegetable can be condensed and juiced to give you a head start to your new and healthy life.


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