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The Little Big Jordan Walsh

Jordan, far left with teammates Mariah lewis (middle) Nicki Fisher (far right)  and Hannah Fish (bottom)

Jordan (far left), with teammates Mariah lewis (middle), Nicki Fisher (far right) and Hannah Fish (bottom)

By Cori Fisher

If you ever come to a Girl’s Varsity soccer game, you won’t miss Jordan Walsh. Jordan is a sophomore here at Viera and is only five feet, one inch tall. She is the smallest on the field, but don’t underestimate her ability to play big. Jordan has always inspired me by her raw talent and extreme humility, so I took the opportunity to get to know her better and interviewed her.

Some people ask, “Why on earth would you play soccer?” The sweat, the heat, the cold, the burn of hard work, and the mental toughness that comes with it, why play? Jordan replied, “Soccer is my passion. It has been a part of me since I was little. I have always had a ball at my feet. It’s something that I can always go back to in times of trouble. Not only is it a sport, but a lifestyle. It doesn’t end when you step off the field. It goes into what you eat, training on your off days, and how much time you can spend with friends. I love it because I don’t know what I would do everyday without it.” Jordan doesn’t only speak about her love for the game but the way she plays, shows it too. Teammate Natalie Bertran explains her favorite thing about Jordan is, “Jordan is so passionate about the game, and shows up to play 110% every time. I look up to her for that. She plays her heart out and I love playing next to her on the field. Her hard work makes me want to get better.”

Soccer is an extremely tough sport, that can take you out physically and mentally. I asked Jordan, “What’s challenging about your sport?”, and  Jordan replied “It is exhausting, and you do miss out on a lot. I had to miss homecoming last year because I had a soccer tournament, but that was a choice I made, and I wouldn’t have chosen anything else.” According to Jordan, soccer is a large commitment that takes up a lot of your time, but in her eyes it’s completely worth it.

Jordan is a feisty, very talented player, and when coaches look at her, they see big things in her future. At the age of fifteen, college is not too far away. The talent that Jordan obtains only makes me wonder what kinds of dreams she has in the future. I questioned Jordan, “Do you want to play in college?” and she responded with, “Yes, I would love to play at FIT, Florida Institute of Technology. I love the coach and the campus.” Here at Viera, we have a few other former players playing at FIT right now! Jordan is a positive, encouraging teammate that will uplift you in times of distress and frustration, claims her teammates on the high school team. “There always comes a time when you face obstacles and struggles, this comes with the sport. You won’t always be the best. Through your struggles you gain strength, and if you can overcome adversity you will succeed.” said Jordan.

High school sports are always a cool thing to be a part of because you become a family claimed Jordan. “It brings together a close knit unit of girls from all grade levels that otherwise may have never have talked. These girls are your support and help you through so much. Most of all, it makes soccer so much more fun.” Courtney Lundy, girls’ varsity coach said “Watching her play, makes me want to play again! She plays with so much heart.” Jordan expressed to me her awesome experience with high school soccer this season and her love for the game. She is a one of a kind, spunky player to watch and my advice to you is, next season come out and watch her play!



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