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What Does Water Fasting Actually do to Your Body?


Water fasting causes you to be dehydrated. That means you would need to drink more than your normal 1 gallon of water to be healthy going about water fasting.

By Amanda Collins

Food is important for us to live, but some people are starting to go without it. They are living an all-water diet, also known as water fasting. What many don’t know is what water fasting actually does to your body. Many believe that this form of weight loss is dangerous, but science shows it can actually help you.

In some ways, fasting can help our bodies. It can be used as a medical treatment to help with some diseases and health problems. It causes your temperature to drop along with your blood sugar, effectively changing individual dietary issues. Tara Haner said, “If done correctly and for a short period of time it can cleanse your body of toxins.”

However, through fasting, our bodies will eat away fat, carbs, and body tissue for a few days.  After seven days, your body is able to stand without food for months but will still slowly wither away, which is one of its major downfalls. 

“Water fasting is actually very dangerous, even though it helps with losing weight; your body will actually begin to eat itself,” Senior Amanda Darienzo said.

During water fasting your body is more open to infections and will cause your body to get dehydrated faster than you would normally. “It could lead to malnutrition because you’re replacing nutrients with only water.”, said 10th grader Sarah Ayala.

Most fasts are 5 to 40 days- the point is to fast as brief as possible. Doctors who study fasting have said it’s more helpful then harmful. During their studies they noticed a change for the good in blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver enzymes and inflammation markers. All medical problems were corrected after water fasting. Water fasting can be a good thing, but would you ever do it?

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