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Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge


Having running shoes, water, and a good work out playlist while exercising is a good idea.

By Taylor martin

Sweat-dripping, muscle burning, blood pumping exercise may not sound very intriguing but the pros of working out outweigh the cons. You build muscle, burn fat, have more energy, and all around feel better. The ‘Call Me Maybe Challenge’ is an exercise routine created to give you thinner thighs and burn over one hundred calories. The exact amount of calories you burn depends on how much effort you put into it.

The first step is to get motivated. “When it comes to cheerleading, my competition has to motivate me the most,” reminisces freshman at Viera High, Krista Rich. How you get motivated depends on who you are, but for most people music is the number one thing that gets them pumped to work out. Karina Florentino, junior at Viera High, says house and trap music gets her ready to exercise.

For this routine, make sure you are in an open area. There are several variations of the routine but there is one that seems a little easier than the rest with the same results. It begins with twenty lunges, alternating legs. Next,  lay on your side and do twenty side lifts per leg. Now, do twenty regular squats then twenty plie squats. Then end with a fifty-second wall sit. The whole routine should take the length of the song “Call Me Maybe”.

This sounds like a breeze but if you haven’t been working out your quads, you will definitely feel the burn. When your legs start shaking and you can’t feel them is when you can tell it’s working; don’t give up! Squats are great for your legs and will tone them in no time. Do this routine at least three times a week; once you’re used to it, try it every day. Nick McLaughlin, junior at Viera High School, sets an alarm to tell him when to work out.  Now don’t just sit there and say ‘I should try this one day’, get up and do it right now!

source: http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2012/04/16/call-me-maybe-mighty-squat-challenge/



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