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Chicken and What?


Raw meat from a chicken which ate an arsenic-based diet.

By Melanie Pruneau

In days like these, it’s hard to know exactly what we’re eating.  To be fully informed, one would need to research profusely- especially when it comes to processed junk food.  But who would believe that even chicken could be laced with an unknown agent?

After years of suspicion stemming from America’s scientific community, the Food and Drug Administration has finally admitted to the feeding of arsenic to farm-raised chickens.  However, this trend isn’t new.  In fact, farmers began the practice of feeding arsenic to chickens in the 1940’s, upon discovering that it made the chickens grow faster with less feed, therefore helping their industry.  Though feeding arsenic to chickens increases their weight gain in time, it is a poisonous chemical which is classified as a class one carcinogen, meaning that it is highly toxic to humans, after time, or if exposed to great amounts.  (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-10/what-was-arsenic-doing-in-our-chicken-anyway-.html)

When asked if she would stop eating chicken due to lack of trust regarding the Food And Drug Administration-chicken feed fiasco, Viera High School’s eleventh grader, Sammi Dugger, replied, “I’m more skeptical now, but I’ll keep eating chicken.”

On a good note, however, the Food and Drug Administration has promised that they have stopped the use of arsenic in chicken feed, therefore stopping the human consumption of it.  Many people still hold a grudge against the Food and Drug Administration for the untruthfulness.  “I just had no idea about the dangers of what I was eating,” tenth grader of Viera High School, Jordan Walsh has disclosed.  That proves that many people are becoming skeptics, and they have a good reason to be.  Although, as more previously hidden truths come to the surface, some wonder if the “truths” actually hold any weight to the American public.

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