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How to Get a Date Before Valentine’s Day

How to get a date before valentines day

Chocolates in a heart shaped box is an excellent gift to give your valentine. Colton Kunde gave his girlfriend, Sarah Ayala, that last Valentine’s Day!

By Sarah Ayala

February 14th is the day of love and for most people, it has to be perfect: perfect date, perfect person, and the perfect gift.

You need to be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If he or she doesn’t like you for you, you need to raise your standards. Also, don’t be picky! You won’t get anyone if you expect too much out of the opposite gender because no gender is perfect.

“Food is a way to anybody’s heart,” says Drekken Hutchinson, a senior, at Viera High School. So if you want a muscular wrestler, buy him food.

Other ways to win over that special someone is to buy them flowers, chocolate, Starbucks, and maybe even dedicate a song to them (anything but 2 Chainz). Or you could do what Noah Wright suggests, which is ask someone out, and if you get rejected, ask out another and repeat. There are many dating websites as well.

“Go to ChristianMingle.com and meet hot new singles in your area,” says Ryan Dehn, ninth grader at Viera High School.

Now that you’ve got your date, it’s time to plan the perfect evening. A movie night is a must, but you need to choose your genre wisely.

“Watch a horror movie, then she will want to be held in your arms,” states Broc Jones, tenth grader at Viera High School.

A horror movie may be a good choice, but if she’s not into them, then don’t expect her to jump in your arms. You could also take her out to dinner. Ask her parents what her favorite restaurant is and surprise her. While other perfect dates could be going to an amusement park, the beach, or take her to Miami; Women love Miami.

“Food and Netflix would be the perfect date!” says Vanessa Valdes, eleventh grader at Viera High School.

Whether you have a date or not, try to have fun. Get a group of your single friends, Ben and Jerry’s, and a copy of Magic Mike. Your night will be just as great!



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