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Spotlight: Pokemon X and Y


Spawning a variety of merchandise, Pokemon X and Y have proven to be popular among fans. Shown above are just a few of the many creatures that can be caught in these new games, along with copies of the games themselves.

October 12th was an important Saturday for many Nintendo 3DS owners, as it was the worldwide release date of the long anticipated Pokémon X and Y. The Pokémon series is one of Nintendo’s best-selling franchises, spawning not only video games but a trading card game, television show, movies, toys, and books. These new games feature over 700 “Pokemon” creatures that “trainers” can catch, battle with, and trade with friends. But do these new games live up to the series’ grand reputation?

One key tradition the Pokémon series has upheld since its very first games is that games are always released in paired versions. Though the two game versions share mostly similarities, some notable differences include the appearance of locations, the availability of certain Pokémon, and items. This is a deciding point for some such as senior Andrew Bornemann, who stated he chose Pokémon X to get the exclusive Mega Charizard X. Taylor Jenkin chose Pokémon Y to catch Charmander. On the other hand, some based their purchasing decision on collaborating with others. Junior Jacqui O’Brien said “I have Pokémon Y and chose this version and my sister got Pokémon X so that we could see both versions.” Senior Liz Starr likewise stated she bought Pokémon Y as many of her friends had Pokémon X.

Pokemon X and Y has received praise for many of its features, especially those new to the games. Jacqui O’Brien stated “I like that Pokemon Y has the extreme shopping opportunities so that every person can create their character the way they want. Also, I enjoyed the game’s touching storyline.” Lizz Starr also praised the game’s plot, along with the new “game chat” and “wonder trade” features. Game Chat allows players to talk with one another through the game, while wonder trade allows players to trade Pokémon at random. Noah Wright praised the game’s revamped three- dimensional graphics as well.

Similar to most games, Pokémon X and Y has received its share of criticism, especially towards the amount of post-game content it has. “You can not repeat trainer battles,” Jacqui O’Brien explained, “And this makes getting money in the game harder.” Certain Pokémon designs have been looked at with scorn as well, with Taylor Jenkin expressing her great dislike for Turtwig. Andrew Bornemenn also expressed dissatisfaction with all the Pokémon but Pikachu not saying their names. Additionally, the delay of the release of Pokémon Bank, the cloud storage system for the games, has caused much stir among players. “It’s causing a lot of commotion,” Lizz Starr stated, “People are focusing more on that instead of the game.”

Running parallel to the Pokémon Bank debate, there have been various rumors about whether a special edition version of Pokémon X and Y will be released or if the eleven-year-old Game Boy Advance classic Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions will be remade with revamped 3D models.


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