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Even with the snow on the ground, the Winter Olympics are still the hottest they have ever been.
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By Monica Mumblow
The 2014 Winter Olympics are being held in Sochi, Russia. But there is controversy with the games being held in Sochi. The location, the expenses to get there, the tensions between the U.S. and Russia, and the anti gay policy all contribute to problems arising with Sochi. Would you go?

There is only one major airport within two hundred miles of Sochi. It is one of the hardest cities to get to in Russia. Since the city is so far away from everything, it’s an expensive trip to make. According to NPR, the average price for a family of four to make a trip to Sochi, Russia is $18,000. Travel is not the only expensive aspect of the Winter Olympics in Russia, they spent about seven billion dollars to build a new venue for the world renowed event.

The United States and Russia have never had a perfect relation, being involved in conflicts for a multitude of years. The tensions are higher than ever now, because there is a new point of distrust between the two. This is all because of the security situation that is happening in Russia.

Jacob Faries, a senior at Viera High School, said, “I think for Americans, it is not a smart decision to go to watch the games due to the rising terrorist threat.”

Summer Van Orman, a sophomore at Viera High School, has a complete opposite idea. She thinks, “Americans should go because the Olympics were originally made to bring peace and friendly competition, so the Russians and Americans should be able to get together peacefully for this competition.”

There is not much trust between the United States and Russia anyway, but this has put more stress on their relationship.

According to Sarah Grantham, “The Russian government needs to ensure the safety of all supporters and participants.”

The biggest controversy between the two is Russia’s anti gay policy. Americans can not feel safe going to a country that does not support gays, when they themselves live in a country where people are free to express themselves. There are many protests happening in Russia right now about the anti gay policy.

Blaine Deal, a junior at Viera High School, stated, “There are anti gay people in every country, just like there are those who support them in Russia. It just seems as if the Russians recognize the issue more.”

There may be anti gay policies in Russia but it is true that every country has people whom are anti gay. Russia and the U.S. have their differences and problems, but they are working on coming together to make the 2014 Winter Olympics a great experience for both the athletes and the audience.

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