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Wolf of Wall Street Review

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Opening on Christmas Day, 2013, Wolf of Wall Street emerges into theaters across the nation.

By Lexi Eastburn

With an exceptional cast made up of some of the top names in Hollywood, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Matthew McConaughey, Wolf of Wall Street released into theaters across the country on Christmas Day, 2013. This film is based on the true life story of  Jordan Belfort, who started out on the bottom of the stockbroker food chain and worked his way to the multimillion dollar top through the sale of “penny stocks,” along with many other questionable measures. The 2 hour and 59 min rendition is causing quite a stir in the Hollywood world.

DiCaprio plays the leading role of Jordan Belfort, the main character of the movie. He rises to the top of the stockbroker world by undermining the system in more ways than one. Belfort slowly falls into a life of money, partying, sex, and plenty of illegal substances, only to suddenly find his life in a downfall. Along side DiCaprio, Hill undertakes the role of Donnie Azoff, Belfort’s right hand man, who becomes just as entangled in it all as Belfort himself.

For many, the big names like DiCaprio and Hill were what drew them to the film in the first place. When asked what sparked her inclination to see Wolf of Wall Street, Viera senior Samantha Cioppa admitted, “I’m a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, so I automatically see a movie if he’s in it.” Cioppa isn’t alone in her love for DiCaprio. Junior Claudia Del Pozo proclaimed that the only problem she could think of about the film is that, “It wasn’t longer and didn’t include more scenes of just Leo staring at the camera, smiling”.

After seeing all 2 hours and 59 minutes of Wolf of Wall Street, people seem to have a variety of opinions about the movie. One main topic of conversation is the large amount of profanity in the film, including a record-breaking 506 uses of the f- bomb, alone. The question is, was all that profanity necessary, or was it used in a pointless, excessive amount? Some, like Viera senior Maria Robles, are saying there is an overused amount of profanity. Robles stated, “It was kind of pointlessly added and really did nothing for the storyline.”

However, others would disagree with Robles statement, saying that the amount of profanity was an element needed to depict the lifestyle lived by Jordan Belfort. Junior Claudia Del Pozo argued that, “Many people were uncomfortable with the film and thought that it promoted a bad message. However, the point of the film was to truthfully depict the lifestyles and events of real people, and the problems that those lifestyles caused them.”

Overall, with its scandalous story line, award-winning cast, profuse amount of profanity, and 2 hours and 59 minute length, Wolf of Wall Street is a prime example of actors and directors coming together to take a risk on a film that steps beyond the boundaries of the average movie found in theaters.

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