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Comminuty Service Club Strikes Viera High School


Chowing down into large pizzas, sophomore students of Mr. Susin’s participate in the first annual “Viera High School Hunger Games”
Photo Credit: Christina Merchant

By Katie Goodman

VHS is home to many activities and clubs, including various new ones that give Viera a chance to work in the community. The VHS Jefferson Club is one of the newest clubs and its purpose is to honor people who work hard in the community. It also gives our students an opportunity to gain community service hours by going as a group to improve our communities quality. The club is supervised by Viera’s own Mr. Susin and is run by our students. The Jefferson Club elects a president, vice president, and other chair officers to help organize awards and community services projects for the club to become involved in. President, Alyaih Edmonds says, “We are like a big family and we strive to bring out the best in the community and in our school.” The club is changing our community and school for the better and is making an impact on our lives this year and hopefully many more to come.

So far this year, The Jefferson Club has participated and held many projects to become involved in the community. Early this school year they all went to The Henegar Center to clean out their 100-year-old basement full of old costumes from plays and they also reorganized the utility shed out by the football field. During Halloween they hosted a Zombie Zumba to save up for the new benches and a bike rack that have been added to Viera’s campus. They have also held a shoe drive to donate shoes to the needy in foreign countries. They even held the first “Viera High School Hunger Games” where the students had to compete to see who could finish a huge pizza first. Crazy Right? The Jefferson Club has helped so many people and honored so many citizens and have obviously created some great Viera High School memories. They have plenty more to come in the next semester of school and hopefully more years to come in Viera High School history.

Later on this year, The Jefferson Club is going to help seamstresses move their sewing machines to new locations and they plan on helping the elderly navigate their way around the Brevard Zoo. U.S and World History teacher, Mr. Susin states, “This club is about setting an example for others.” And I can guarantee that all of his students in Jefferson Club agree. According to the club members, there will be so many more other activities they will be participating in later this year which will be a big surprise and I bet we all can’t wait to see what they do next.

Being a part of the Jefferson Club is a large commitment and honor to the students of Viera High School. They consider it a chance to change other lives and the community for the better. Sophomore Mariah Hoffman states, “It means that you are willing to take time out of your day and provide for others.” It gives the students a chance to feel good about what they do for others and to gain community service hours for graduation requirements. Everyone has mixed feeling on the club but I know a majority of the student population is involved in one way or another. The Jefferson Club has become a very positive addition to the Viera High School extracurricular activity department and will continue to make an impact on Brevard County for years to come.



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