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By Hayley Lofton

Did MTV’s shows Teen Mom, and 16 and Pregnant lower the rates of teen Pregnancy?

According to recent studies since the show has come out, teen pregnancies have lowered. Since the two shows came out, there has been a 5.7% decrease in teen pregnancies. This is the result since the two shows came out in 2009. This accounts for about 1/3 of the overall decline of teen births so I learned from Channel 1 News. It’s amazing how a TV show can have such a great effect.

Many students at VHS thought the two shows would have the opposite effect. “I think the two shows made it so more teens would want to get pregnant to be on the show,” said Jazmine David, eleventh grade. The show does reveal how becoming a teenage parent can have a toll on your life. For example, school becomes harder, the baby is your priority, and you have no time for anything else. “Having a baby now would probably ruin what I have going,” stated Coral Austin, eleventh grader at Viera High School. This statement proves students would rather wait to get pregnant until they are ready for the challenge of baby.

Some student’s did think the show caused the teen birth rates to lower. “The show really made me see how crazy it is to deal with a pregnancy at such a young age,” said freshman Rouche Moe, “It defiantly made me want to wait.” It’s actually a good thing to air these shows. They show teenagers what it really is like to go through the struggle of a pregnancy as a teen. It helps teenagers realize that pregnancy and birth is not all fun and games. In the end, these two shows are important, and they do help challenge the way teenagers think about the subject of a pregnancy in school.



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