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Ride Along Review

ride along

Ben is being taken to the station for the ride along. (c) 2013 Gale

Featuring Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, and other known actors, the new movie “Ride Along” is a comedy about a character by the name of Ben. Ben is a school security guard and is eager to make it into the police academy, in hopes to propose to his girlfriend Angela. “Kevin Hart really makes the movie come to life, and is hilarious throughout the film,” says 9th grader Michelle Pillado. Even though Ben is planning on proposing to Angela, her brother James does not believe that he is a worthy future in-law. James is played by Ice Cube, a detective who is ready to go after a huge crime. In hopes to prove James’ assumptions wrong, Ben accepts James’ offer to ride along on a day in James’ life on the force to see how Ben does. After a day full of chaos, Ben starts to realize that he is in on a case that is much more intense then James ever made it out to be.

The whole movie has been rated a hilarious thumbs up. “I would really recommend this movie to anyone who loves to laugh, and who likes a lot of action and chaos,” said Victoria Wallace, 10th grader. Towards the end of the movie, everything starts to come together as it was wanted from the beginning, but in order to see how it all works out, you will have to watch it.



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