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Viera Attracts New Stores

A Home Goods and a TJ Maxx are guaranteed, but what else might be being built here?

A Home Goods and a TJ Maxx are guaranteed, but what else might be being built here?

By Ciara Spencer

Almost every student at Viera visits the avenues frequently, so we’ve all seen the new stores that are being constructed. Almost everyone has some opinion about the shops that will be placed there.

One of the buildings will definitely be housing a TJ Maxx, and another will be the site of a Home Goods. However, there is still some uncertainty over what the other stores will be. Nick Spencer, an eleventh grader, says “I probably won’t be shopping at the TJ Maxx or the Home Goods, but it would be great if they built a Christian Book Store.” Anna Naasz, ninth grader, disagrees. She says she will be shopping at the TJ Maxx, but she is also wishing for a, “Forever 21, American Eagle, or some yummy restaurants.” Katie Brennan, also a ninth grader, is hoping they put in an H&M, Express, or American Apparel.

The Avenues already has a great variety of stores and restaurants with diverse options for almost anybody. However, there are still many shops that Viera students are wishing could be housed in the new additions. Next time you drive by the construction site, you may just see a sign advertising that your favorite store is coming soon.



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