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Teen Suicide is Increasing


From left to right, top to bottom Morgan Grazier, Diana Grazier, Kea Aguilar, and Mike Grazier. Looking at this picture fills my heart with sadness everyday. This was the last time I saw and spoke to my cousin before she took her own life

By Morgan Grazier

Walking  to class, you see the same people everyday. One day you don’t see the guy that is walking out of the door while you’re walking in. The next day, the school is in mourn  for the life that was taken the night before. The guy you didn’t know but saw everyday had committed suicide.

In our society, teens are taken more by suicide than by cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease combined. From ages 10-24 the 2nd cause of death is suicide. The Ohio Department of Mental Health states, “Twenty percent of high schoolers have considered killing themselves, 14% have had a plan, and 8% have made an attempt.” Barbara Brewter, freshman at Viera High School, tells us, “It’s honestly hard to find something wrong with someone who wants to commit suicide. Some show it by always being depressed, cutting themselves, or starving themselves. Those are the obvious things that you can see. But others are very good at hiding their feelings and next thing you know, one more person is dead, leaving everyone stunned and wondering why they ended their life when they never showed a sign of sadness.” Out of the past suicide cases, four out of five people have given clear signs that they are going to commit suicide.  Ninety percent of the people who have taken their lives have had a treatable mental disorder.  In addition, males are four times more likely to than girls are.  “Teens feel like they don’t have a way out. They think everything is going downhill and there is no way around it,” says Emma Graham, junior at Viera High School. 

People say that committing suicide is selfish of that person, and that they aren’t thinking about the people who care about them most. Devin Nowakowski, senior at Viera High School, says, “Bullying is a big problem and can cause it. Also, maybe family problems could have occurred and they don’t want to handle it.” Bullying a person so much to the point of them committing suicide is what is actually selfish about the situation. Warning signs for a person in danger include: talking about suicide, or death in general, hints about not being around, feeling hopeless, and giving away their belongings. How do you handle someone who is giving you these hints? “Try and help them by telling someone about it no matter how mad the person gets,” says Jackie Hensler, senior at Viera High School. Carrie Hosmer, Interior design teacher at Viera High School says, “A person might take their life over stress, fear or failure, and feeling unwanted or loved.”

Teen suicide is an extremely prominent issue in today’s society. If you or a loved one ever feel these emotions, reach out and talk to someone so that you can save a life.

Source: http://www.teensuicide.us/ http://kidshealth.org/parent/emotions/behavior/suicide.html http://teensuicidestatistics.com/



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