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Lying 101

The lie that never ceases.

The lie in the photo above is one that never ceases and has kept people humored for years!

Some people lie because they don’t know what to say; others may lie because they don’t want to face the consequences of the truth. Some people can tell when one is lying, and others would never suspect a thing.

As a journalist for Hawk Talk, I went around asking fellow students what the best lie they have ever told was. Elissa Waller states, “The best lie I have ever told was that I liked someone.” Although you may look at this and think it’s not that big of a lie, it happens quite frequently. Another lie that people pull of rather well and quite often is, “I’m fine,” said Annie Stoll. The best lies told aren’t always the biggest lies.  Another interesting thing that I found out was that, in many cases, students lie to their parents more often than to other people.

If you are wondering just how you could become better at lying, here are some tips:

1.  Keep eye contact.

2. Keep the story simple.

3. Don’t repeat yourself.

Now, if you aren’t really the type to lie, good for you. Here are some tips on how to tell if someone is lying:

1. Look at their eyes. Their pupils are normally dilated, if they’re lying.

2. Listen for stuttering or uncertainty.

3. Question things that happened in their story.

4. Are they keeping everything  realistic and straight forward?

On the contrary, it’s advised that you don’t take up lying. Although it may keep you from facing the truth or even mild humiliation, in the long run, lying will just ruin you.



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