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U.S. Biathlete Gives up her Spot in the Olympics

2014 (c) Gale Tracy Barnes and Lanny Barnes raace to the finish to try out for the 2014 Olympic Games.

(c) 2014 GALE In the qualifying event for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, Tracy and Lenny Barnes race to the finish.

By Daisy Morefield

In order to compete in the 2014 winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, all athletes that want to be competitors for the USA, need to try out for the Olympic team. Each country is only allowed to supply five athletes per event. U.S. biathlete Tracy Barnes, and her twin sister Lanny Barnes, both tried out for the biathlon which is a combination of both cross-country skiing and shooting. Tracy made the Olympic team in fifth place, her sister came in not far behind her at sixth place. According to the rules, however, only Tracy would be able to go to Sochi, due to her sister Lanny not making the top five.

After the Barnes’ got their unfortunate results back, Tracy told her sister that she wanted her to go to the Olympics instead, because she thought she deserved it. Tracy later stated that she does not regret anything about offering her spot to her twin because she believes that Lanny earned the spot, and she knew she really wanted it. “All of us who are training for something like this, that’s your dream, that’s your goal,” Tracy Barnes said, “But I felt so strongly about this that it outweighed any effort I wanted to do to go to Sochi.”

The story of what Tracy did for her sister is something that people will remember. “I think that what she did for Lanny was really considerate of her, and I think that Lanny really appreciated it,” said 9th grader Elissa Dreilich.



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