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All About Brianna Johnson


Preparing for her big game against Rockledge, Brianna Johnson throws a couple of pitches.

By Amanda Collins

“Go, Hawks, Go!” Chants her team out on the field as Brianna Johnson steps up to the mound. Brianna is a pitcher for Viera High School’s JV Softball team. Not everyone knows who she is, but she is an important part of the JV team.

No one’s lives just revolve around their sport. They always have something they love other than their sport. During Johnson’s free time she hang out with her friends and have fun. School is an important aspect in a student’s life. Sometimes, athletics get in the way of their schooling. Johnson is no exception. However, she always ends up finishing the homework in all of her classes.

Softball became her sport after her mom introduced her to it. Mrs. Johnson, coach and parent of Brianna Johnson, told her daughter stories of her playing, and it made Brianna want to grow up and be like her. Mrs. Johnson shared with us that she enjoys watching Brianna grow as a player and a person.

Johnson is a pitcher and absolutely loves it; it’s her favorite position to play. She enjoys the suspense and the feeling of being in control. Brianna’s top pitching speed is sixty-one miles per hour.

Playing a sport is a big commitment. It means that you have to possess a love for that sport and always want to push yourself to keep going. Everyone has those times when they want to quit. Johnson revealed her reason to keep playing as, “My love for the game.” “I want to play as long as I can,” Johnson says. One day, she hopes to coach her own team and run softball camps. Softball truly is her life. “If you love something stick to it. The only place you can go is up,” she offers as advice for any present and future athletes.


“I’m the fastest pitcher that my pitching coach has.” Brianna said.



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