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An Emotional Roller Coaster: The Fault in our Stars


Showing off her copy of The Fault in our Stars, Sophomore Halie Beasely peeped over the top during class.

By Katie Goodman

The Fault in our Stars by John Greene is an emotional roller coaster filled with laughs, tears, and plenty of smiles. It centers on the two main characters, Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters and their endless love story as their struggles of being two teenagers with rare cancer diseases. Throughout the book they have their ups and downs but I will assure you that the ending will be a shocker. This book will keep you on your toes and is impossible to put down.

The story, filled with so many memorable moments that cause you to find yourself right there with Augustus and Hazel. You are able to put yourself in the book and be there with them. Freshman, Taylor Martin states, “My favorite part was when Hazel and Augustus first met because of how sweet and awkward it was.” The moments shared between the characters really show how their love connects and it depicts a clear image of the meaning of true love. Sophomore Tori Nixon explains that she loved how Augustus was so sweet to Hazel when he called her beautiful and gave her compliments.

Yes, there are so many parts that people love about the book but not everyone loved every moment. The story is filled with heart breaking and tearing moments that will have you in tears. “I didn’t like the end of the book because I cried through it all. I felt like the ending should have been happy, but that’s what made it a good book. It was real, not a fantasy story,” states Freshman Cori Fisher. The book was sad because it’s real. It thoroughly explains life because life isn’t always going to be perfect. There will be sad moments too, and this book portrays an amazing image of that.

The Fault in our Stars has been a best seller for so long with so many people buying and re-reading the book. Taylor Martin and Cori Fisher both agree that they would definitely read it again because John Greene is a genius. There are also so many opinions on the book with so many ratings. Thankfully for John Greene, all the reviews are fantastic. Sophomore Lina Ruiz says, “I rate this book a 4 because it brought me to tears and made me fall in love with a fictional character.” John Greene is quite the genius and excellent writer according to these girls.



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