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Glorification of Excessive Internet Usage


Technology proves to be too enticing for internet addicts to resist.

By Bianca Buschor

  In this day and age, some people value the internet more than their arms or legs. They push the limits of the healthy maximum of internet use, sitting day and night with their faces fixated on whatever piece of technology they can get their hands on. And now, using the internet excessively is quickly becoming the latest trend.

  When you visit social media websites, such as Tumblr, you can’t help but notice the plethora of posts that eulogize using the internet in place of doing other social activities, or just to use it copiously. Yet, the real concern is that these posts have thousands of re-blogs: this means that a large percent of our society sees it as reasonable to sacrifice interpersonal activities and/or their responsibilities in the name of blogging. “I have felt pressured to use the internet before,” Junior Annie Roe confesses. The over-exaltation of inordinate social media use has become so large that people are now feeling compelled to develop an obsession as well.

  Even though redundant usage of the Web could be a negative thing, there are some pros to using it. “Through it you can get access to an endless supply of information and knowledge,” Sophomore Michael Acosta agrees. Due to the influx of online assignments given today, the internet has now become a necessity to the modern student. It has, as well, become a vital tool for researches, scientists, and many more.

  However, this addiction can live up to its definition. According to The Guardian News, recent research by British psychologists has revealed a connection with excessive internet use and depression. “What is clear is that, for a small subset of people, excessive use of the internet could be a warning signal for depressive tendencies,” lead psychologist Dr. Catriona Morrison explains. The Guardian also warns that along with the possible lead to depression, this addiction can have a physical side, with its side effects including the infamous Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sleep issues, back/neck aches, as well as significant weight gain or loss.

  If you notice yourself becoming more susceptible to spending long periods of time on social media/the internet, there are some steps you can do to ease yourself away from it. Try to take frequent breaks to do some other activity that interests you. Observe your friends or family that hardly care for the internet, and have them show you the world outside the Web. The internet is a very powerful resource that could be used in two ways, and the best you can do is strive to stay on the right one.



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