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Winter Wonderland.. or Nightmare?

With snow falling in abundance, many people are finding snow covered cars more frequently than ever.

By Lexi Eastburn
Across the country, an insane winter has caused a stir from coast to coast. With excessive amounts of snow and record-breaking cold temperatures, the nation has felt the effects of the current abnormal winter for some time now.

This winter season, the nation has faced one of the harshest winters yet. Snowfall has been more abundant than ever, and has been found further south than normal. Rare occurrences of snow have been seen in southern states, such as Florida. Nature’s white blanket even made appearances in the highest elevations of tropical Hawaii this year.

Needless to say, the abnormally harsh winter storms, and their widespread proximity throughout the north and south alike, are not just a fluke. The earth’s polar vortex is being pushed south, causing colder temperatures and more storms than normally seen during the winter season.

Ultimately, the entire country is being rocked by the slew of effects this winter season is bringing with it. According to reports from The Los Angeles Times, the winter is takings its toll on the economy, with more than $1.5 billion lost through insurance claims.

Schools are also being forced to close more often than not due to excessive cold temperatures and snow. While Florida students have gotten to experience a colder winter than ever, they have not been lucky enough to receive any snow days off from school. However, when asked whether they’re jealous of other state’s snow days or are ultimately thankful to be getting their 180 days of school over on time, many Viera students chose the latter. Kendall Jensen, sophomore at Viera High School, admitted, “I’m thankful we didn’t have to miss a bunch of school days, I’d rather have a long summer.”

While waking up to snow-covered lawn might be a nice treat, many Floridians are perfectly content with their less harsh version of winter. Mike Cruz, junior at Viera High School, commented, “Growing up, I lived in Georgia, where the winters were brutal. I’m very thankful to be living in Florida now. The warm climate is perfect, especially since we live so close to the beach.”

Junior Kaycee Gray also shared a similar opinion. When asked if she was thankful to be living in Florida, Kaycee exclaimed, “Heck yeah! We can go to the beach and get a sunburn in February! And we don’t have to make up snow days.”

Overall, the harsh winter that’s swept across the nation has left every state affected in some way or another. Floridians have embraced the colder temperatures as they’ve come along. Yet the general consensus among most Florida dwellers is that they are completely content in their sunny abode.

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