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Interpretation of Dreams


Dreaming about butterflies and unicorns, Baby Riley slept soundly in her crib.

By Victoria Santis

Dreams are our escape from our reality. Sometimes our dreams are strange and we don’t ever fully understand them, or what they mean. Are they random firings for our brain, or are we just working out our issues from our daily life?

According to Wikipedia, Oneirology is the study of dreams whereas dream analysis is the meaning behind them. Many experts disagree on what the purpose of our dreams might be. According to http://www.science.howstuff.works.com, dreams are physiological stimulations and are psychologically necessary. You can have multiple dreams a night, possibly up to seven, depending on how many rapid eye movement (REM) cycles you have. According to Wikipedia, REM is a stage of sleep characterized by the movement of the eyes. Not everyone dreams in color, some dream in black and white. The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. 60% of people don’t remember their dreams at all. Also, in dreams, we only see faces we already know.

Some people remember their dreams; on the other hand, some people barely remember them. Amanda Collins, a sophomore, said, “I only remember parts of my dreams. I mostly remember night terrors.” But other people like Brooke Crawford, a senior, remember her dreams for the most part.

When asked if dreams mean something, Brooke explained, “Yes, they correlate with events that happen in real life.” Sometimes dreams mean nothing to people and have no relation to their real lives. But most people think they do relate to our personal lives, like Issy Carreiro, a senior. Issy mentioned, “Dreams help us see the minor details in our problems we overlook.”

Dreams reveal our deep secrets and hidden feelings. Brooke feels that they represent what we are going through in life. Sometimes the only way we get through our problems is the alternate reality of our dreams. Some scientists disagree on whether our dreams are random firings from our brain, or if we’re working out our issues from our daily life. Understanding what dreams mean depends on the person and the dream. If you’re flying in your dream, that means that you feel confident and you have control over something. If you’re dreaming about ice cream, then it denotes good luck and success in love and satisfaction with your life.



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