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Trevor Merritt: Superstar


Trevor Merritt, a very dedicated athlete, is getting ready to work harder on his football skills and improve his game.

By Nicki Corcione

We have many undiscovered talents at our school; we are all good at something. However, some may be better. One thing is for sure; practice is everything. Just ask Trevor Merritt, a Varsity football player at Viera High School.

He is known on the football field as number twenty two, as you may have seen him this past season. Merritt is a sophomore at Viera High School, and he is a very skilled football player. He made Varsity his freshman year, and he is already being looked at by colleges. Talk about talent!

His mother began encouraging him to play football at only the age of four. After years of practice, he started realize he was actually pretty good at it. Now, he is working harder than ever to ensure that he can play in college. On the Viera team, Merritt plays cornerback. His ultimate future goal is to end up playing for Miami University.

When Merritt isn’t on the field, working out, or in school he says he is “usually relaxing and resting his body.” He also likes to write and play other sports. His mother told him school comes first, and luckily, Merritt is able to maintain good grades. His teammate Jay Boyd, #25, says, “I’ve known Trevor for a long time, and he’s always been a hard worker. He is going to make it to the pros.”

FAMU, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, is looking at Merritt right now. When I asked him how it felt to be a sophomore and already having colleges look at you, he replied, “It motivates me to work even harder, and do better and achieve.”

Coach Mayes, Viera’s football coach, says, “Our boy Trevor has improved outstandingly over the year, and we can always count on him to give on hundred percent no matter what.”



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