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Well, That Was Awkward (That Awkward Moment Movie Review)

Opening scene shines over New York City.

Opening scene shines over New York City.

By Rachel Parish and Lina Ruiz

Heart-throb Zac Efron continues to melt hearts with yet another chick flick. The movie That Awkward Moment, also starring Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, premiered to theaters on January 31, 2014. The film begins with Efron (Jason) sitting on a bench in New York City waiting for someone…

The audience had opinions on who their favorite actor and character is. Mia Matsubara, a junior from Viera High School, states, “Honestly my favorite character is Ellie (played by Imogen Poots) as she is very sarcastic, yet very kind-hearted. I find her a character you can relate to.” In contradiction, Freshman Michelle Pillado adds, “My favorite character is Jason who was played by Zac Efron… because he [cares] about the people around him and he would do so much for [them].”

Witty and funny, That Awkward Moment had moments you can never forget. Rotten Tomato critic, Taylor Kamnetz, put her thought into the movie, “We laughed ninety percent of the time and were sappy and ‘awww’-ing the other ten percent.” Matsubara adds her favorite scene, “When Jason [reads] to Ellie about the first day they met and their conversation word for word. I found that scene very touching.”

Although the movie is a humerous comedy, some viewers dislike the graphical aspect of the rated R movie. It may only be suitable for a mature audience for its crude humor. Washington Post critic, Ann Hornaday, declared that the, “chief frustration of That Awkward Moment is that everyone in it is so much better than the material.” Other people believed it to be a cliché and predictable romantic movie. Sophomore Monica Parish comments on her least favorite scene of the movie, “When Zac Efron (Jason) didn’t go to his girlfriend’s father’s funeral because he was trying to prove a point to his friends that they didn’t have a thing, when they actually did and that was a time she needed him most.” Sophomore Rayana Reyes also agrees with Parish. Expect some sappy and awkward scenes in this romantic comedy!

In the poll of selected interviews, the average rate for this movie is 3-4 stars. “I would give the movie three and a half stars as the movie really fits with the title,” remarks Matsubara. Parish adds an extra half star towards Matsubara’s rating, “It had a happy ending to it, and the story line was good.” During the interview when interrogated if the movie was worth telling a friend she replied, “It is an overall good movie and it’ll definitely make you laugh!” Matsubara adds her agreement, “It was hilarious and somewhat realistic.” Sophomore Alyssa Hamilton also agrees with four stars, “It had some slow points, predictable points but all in all it was a knee slapper full of hilarious jokes.” Although Reyes has the opposite opinion, “[It’s] not that good of a movie to waste your money on.” Decisions, decisions… That Awkward Moment is still playing in theaters, catch it with a friend or don’t catch it at all!



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