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Zzz, Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Sleeping helps to stay mentally and physically healthy. Cooper Beasley, my little brother, is shown to be napping on the couch.

Sleeping helps to stay mentally and physically healthy. Cooper Beasley, my little brother, napped on the couch to refuel his energy

By Halie Beasley

Do you think you are receiving the ideal amount of sleep that you need? If you aren’t receiving about nine hours worth of sleep, you aren’t getting enough.

According to http://www.sleepfoundation.org/article/sleep-topics/teens-and-sleep, studies show that teens only need about nine hours of sleep a night and should go to bed at approximately eleven each evening. Some people, however, may say that they need more than just nine hours to get a sufficient night’s sleep. Molly Howard, a Viera High School junior, quotes, “I think I should receive a million hours of sleep a night, unfortunately, this does not happen.”

When teens don’t receive enough sleep, they face the consequences. Annie Stoll, a junior at Viera, told us how the amount of sleep she received each night effected her days. “It determines how well I do in class, how much knowledge I retain, my participation, my patience/tolerance in day-to-day things, etc.” Lacking sleep can cause you to have inappropriate behavior, eat too much, have a lack of concentration, be more prone to acne, and can cause illness. If you find yourself not getting enough sleep during the night, try napping. A nap can refuel your body. However, stay away from naps that are too close to your “bed-time.”

I went around asking people how much sleep they received nightly and if they thought they received enough. Michael Troy, a Viera sophomore, said he received around “five to six and a half hours of sleep.” Freshman Isabel McCoy states, “No, I know for a fact I don’t get as much sleep as I should.” Considering she also quoted that she  received only five to seven hours of sleep, she was correct.

Sleep is an important thing, and it can affect your performance in many activities. Think about the consequences of losing sleep before you decide to stay up later than the recommended time.


Sources Consulted: http://www.sleepfoundation.org/article/sleep-topics/teens-and-sleep



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