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16 and Pregnant: Bad Influence On Teens?

By Karina Florentino


As teen pregnancy rates are getting lower, is it really opening the minds of the youth?
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The next time you say how 16 and Pregnant  does nothing but glamorize teen pregnancy, give a negative influence towards the younger audience, you might want to stop and think again. A proven statistic says that 16 and Pregnant has lowered teen pregnancy rates.

One of Americas top rating show, 16 and pregnant, is a reality TV series on MTV. It consist of young teenagers in high school that go through the struggle of teenage pregnancy. On each episode, it shares the story of a teenage girl; it goes behind the scenes of her home life and the father of the soon to come baby. It’s not high-tech production, for each episode the camera crew film it in a documentary style; that way, viewers can feel as if they are there with the young mothers as they continue on their journey to find happiness not only for them, but for the new child.

Like most people in the U.S, Freshman Whitney Anderson views the reality TV show rather “Dumb and ridiculous”. Extending on that, other students like Junior Nick McLaughlin believe that teenagers can get the wrong idea. He explains by saying, “Some kids might see that, and feel as if it’s something they want to do”.

According to the Bureau of Economic Research, teen birthrates dropped five-point-seven percent from when the show 16 and Pregnant was aired on MTV. That means that the show took part in one-third of the overall decline of teen pregnancy of that time. Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention continues this discovery by concluding that in the ages between 15 and 19, there is 31 births per every 1,ooo girls.

However, it did not seem to differ towards  students opinions here in Viera High school. “My thoughts on the show remain the same”, asserted Junior Elly Sounders. Students in VHS continue to oppose towards the reality TV show. Freshman Whitney Anderson expresses, “I still find the show stupid and ridiculous because the show talk about girls who are under age having intercourse and they don’t have a care in the world”.

All statistics from CNN






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