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Senior Trip to Universal’s Grad Bash


Starting from freshman year,  VHS seniors are finally at the top.  After four long years of hard work, they will make their way to grad bash to celebrate a job well done.

By  Morgan Grazier

Partying, dancing, and a rush of adrenaline are the basics for what to expect at this year’s Grad Bash. Going to Universal with all of your senior friends and having the time of your life is the ideal way to end your highschool education. The night consists of endless fun while you ride the different roller coasters and several music artists perform concerts just for you and your graduating class.

Viera High School will be going on their Grad Bash trip on April 11,2014. The bus will be leaving at 4pm and going straight up to Universal. The tickets went on sale Feb. 18-21 for $85. When it comes closer to the time the school will sell the tickets again just in case you did not get one the first time or changed your mind about going.

If you do plan on going, make sure you know the dress code. The requirements for girls include: shorts and dresses no shorter than mid-thigh, jeans, casual shirt with sleeves at least three inches wide, comfortable shoes, and purses no larger than 8.5 X 5.5. For guys the requirements include: pants or shorts secured at waist, shirts with sleeves, comfortable shoes. Cameras and cell phones are allowed at the event. Some unacceptable attire includes: clothing with something related to school, sports teams, groups, clubs, etc.,  and any gang related clothing, jewelry, tattoos, or other visible undergarments. Additionally, belts, wallet chains, and jewelry containing spikes are considered inappropriate. Universal asks that attendants do not bring backpacks, hip packs, camera bags, tote bags, oversized purses,  and any fluids (including water). Also, guys cannot wear basketball shorts and girls cannot wear tube tops, tube top dresses, one-shoulder tops, or any off the shoulder dresses.

This year the music artist that will be at Universal on April 11 is Ne-Yo. Sophomore Kiana East said that she would be thrilled to see, “Miguel or Trey Songz” at her senior year Grad Bash. This night will be memorable when you look back to your senior year, or better yet your whole high school experience. Throughout the night you can enjoy a variety of things, including the rides at Universal, the concerts, and games. Senior Saralyn Schaeffer states, “I would do both. Rides to pass the time for the concert.”

If you don’t want to go to your school function or that night doesn’t work for you, they have different days so you can still enjoy your senior year. The dates are as follows: April 4, 11, 25, 26 and May 2 from 7 pm-2 am. Another thing you can do is reserve time for a pre-party. This includes access to the nightlife at Universal’s CityWalk, and an unlimited buffet. On April 4th and 11th  Ne-Yo will be performing. On the nights of April 25, 26, and May 2, the music artist will be Trey Songz.

Make sure you get your ticket now before they are sold out!






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