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Flappy Bird: From the Top of the Charts to Being Kicked to the Curb

By Julia Ramsey

A student about to play the game full of addiction.

What’s your highest score?

Flappy Bird started as an ordinary game from the App Store to a huge hit all around the world. The game became extremely popular, leading to addiction and anger. The game was shared through social networking and chats between friends. On February 9th, Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, decided to cut the game from the App Store.

To start off, the game was a huge hit. If you ever looked on your Twitter or Facebook, you would probably see someone posting their new high score or how much they loved or hated the game. In the game, there is an option to share your score which helped the game become so successful and popular. A trend on Twitter was #flapflap, which also helped the game go viral. The game was number one in the App Store for iPhones and Androids. “I think Flappy Bird was so addicting because it was a competition between friends on who could get the highest score,” says Freshman Alex Balsitis. The game is addicting and people went crazy over it. “My favorite thing about Flappy Bird was that you were in control most of the time and that you could decide when it jumped and how high it jumped,” explains Freshman Cori Fisher. The highest score started around three hundred but then, people found hacks and cheats that could get to as high as five-thousand or more. Some people also hated the game and wanted it to be deleted. “I didn’t like the game because it was a disappointment of a game,” expresses Freshman Chace Valentin. Some people got so frustrated about the game that they would throw their phones and break them due to being filled with anger.

Soon after the game was at the top of the charts, it escalated quickly from there. The creator of the game was getting hate and couldn’t take it anymore. Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, posted, “I am sorry Flappy Bird users, twenty-two hours from now, I will take Flappy Bird down. I cannot take this anymore,” on Twitter. The next day, he decided to officially take the game off the App Store. “I think that the game should have gotten deleted because it was way too addicting,” explains Freshman Anna Martin.  Just before he deleted the game, he updated the game to a more complex game with levels and different colors. After the game was deleted, other game designers got the idea of copying the idea of Flappy Bird. Then game designers made games of the same concept but with different names like Flappy Plane and Ironpants. They even made a game that had a cartoon face of Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out as the bird, and the obstacle was going through wrecking balls and hammers. Even if the original game was deleted off the App Store, you can still search Flappy Bird on the internet and play it on the internet. 

To conclude, the game Flappy Bird will be missed from some users. On the other hand, the users who hated the game are probably very content. The game started from the top and ended up getting deleted. As there are games just like Flappy Bird, those games will never be the same as the original Flappy Bird.


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