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Finding Dory Expectations

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Swimming into theaters in 2016, Finding Dory is highly anticipated by Finding Nemo fans at Viera High School.

By Lauren Walker

 Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down do you want to know what you’ve got to do? You’ve got to just keep swimming. Or in this case, go experience the Disney sequel, Finding Dory. Finding Dory is an upcoming Walt Disney Picture, computer animated Pixar film. Planned to be released June 17th, 2016 the film has already been confirmed to be directed by Andrew Stanton, who also directed the original Finding Nemo (IMDB). As many Viera High Students see the sequel as being a good idea, many also do not.
            Have you ever seen a movie sequel and just been completely disappointed? It appears many Viera High School students predict Finding Dory just won’t live up to the original Finding Nemo. When inquired if a Finding Nemo sequel was a good idea, Senior Garret Burkhardt replied, “Based on how the movie is named Finding Dory there really isn’t many ways to create an interesting plot that differs from the original Finding Nemo, so I feel the sequel is a terrible idea.”  Junior Connor Gilbert also feels that the sequel, “Is automatically going to be compared to the original, which ultimately will have a negative effect on the audience,” yet he states, “I would go see this movie, given that I would not be prejudiced.”
            Meanwhile, many other Viera High School students cannot wait for the sequel to be released in the summer of 2016.  Junior Hunter Gagnon believes the sequel is a, “great idea because there’s so much they can do with the story plot.” In the sequel he hopes to see, “Nemo’s papa and Dory hook up.” While the actual story line of Finding Dory has yet to be announced, Jacqui Schilling, senior at VHS, predicts, “Dory will get lost and both Marlin and Nemo will go looking for her.” Sophomore Adam Cook also expects, “to see Dory get lost and forget where she’s from and the other characters will have to find her.”
            Overall Viera High School students seem divided on whether Finding Dory will live up to the success of the original Finding Nemo. In the words of Squirt, “Duuuude,” go see Finding Dory, in theaters June 17th, 2016.
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