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Food for Healthy Skin

By Melanie Pruneau


Starting the day with water and carrots, important foods for the health of our skin, is the first step to having glowing complexion.

Many things contribute to the health of our skin.  Hygienic practices, hormones, and even bacteria are factors regarding the clearness of our skin.  But who would think that even food could be a contributing factor?

Berries may seem like the least likely food to benefit skin.  Sophomore Rebecca Robb stated that she believed, “Foods with lots of oils, sugars, and grease,” were generally a cause of an unhealthy complexion.  Not all sugars are necessarily “bad” for skin, though.  According to http://www.zouf.com/463/foods-that-will-naturally-clear-your-skin/, fructose, the natural sugar in fruits such as berries can even help.  Dark berries, especially, are rich in antioxidants which protect skin.  The vitamin-C filled berries contribute to glowing, radiant skin.  Blackberries, blueberries, and cranberries fall into this category of water-based, antioxidant-filled, vitamin-C bountiful foods to help clear and replenish the moisture of all skin types.

Another crunchy food of the orange variety contributes to healthy skin just as much.  Carrots are potent in Beta-Carotene and other health-benefitting compounds like Vitamin A, minerals, and antioxidants, which are essential to the health of our largest organ.  They also prevent and reverse cell damage to the skin.  You don’t even have to eat the carrots to reap the benefits; you can create a carrot spread and use it as a mask to give your skin a healthy looking glow, and even clear any blemishes.

The most essential food for the health of our skin isn’t even food; it’s water.  Water is the most important drink a person can consume for not only the health of our skin, but for our overall well-being.  The majority of the human body is made of water, so it only makes sense that we need to drink a lot of it to stay healthy.  Junior Lexi Kastovich disclosed that she, “Only drinks about one bottle of water each day, and I dont believe that is nearly enough to maintain good health.”  Water eliminates toxins from the body which could contribute to the clogging of our pores.  Without the proper consumption of water each day, we are depriving our bodies of a necessary factor to maintain not only internal health, but also external health.

Food is not a minor factor regarding the dependence of our skin’s health; it is a significant facet.  Senior Angelina Lindsay claimed that she didn’t know that diet had anything to do with the health of our skin, and she’s not alone.  The sooner we recognize the link between our diets and our skin’s health, the more glowing and clearer our faces will be.

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