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Making History at the Grammys

By Jillian Mignogna

Arriving at the Academy Awards in Hollywood, Queen Latifah looks stunning as always.

The Grammys might have been a memorable night for many celebrities but for thirty-three lucky couples, they had the honor to be joined together in holy matrimony in front of the entire world by the one and only, Queen Latifah.

Almost everyone is familiar with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song, “Same Love,” written in support of same-sex marriage, but when it was being performed at the Los Angeles’ Staples Center, something followed their performance that nobody was expecting. With Madonna as the maid of honor for thirty plus couples on that night, history was made.

Although Latifah’s ministering powers expired at midnight that Sunday, that didn’t stop the audience roaring in approval as the thirty-three gay and straight couples made their way down the aisle. “My jaw dropped, like, I couldn’t believe something this amazing was actually happening at the Grammys!” explains junior, Ana Hall.

Recording artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis appear backstage at 2013 MTV Movie Awards in Culver City, California.

“This performance was a better kept secret than Beyonce’s new album,” says senior, Daniel Hammond. It is no doubt that the stunning achievement was a shock to the country, Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich said that he has had this idea since last fall and everyone, including all the couples, had to sign contracts and were forbidden from telling anyone about the ceremony.

Loving life, a same sex couples gets married in Central Park, New York.

Lets just say, that the Grammy Award Show has a lot to live up to next year after this spectacular and surprise filled evening!



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