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How much Water should you Drink and Why?

Drinking water Michelle Pillado waits for the bell to ring.
Drinking water, Michelle Pillado waits for the bell to ring.

By Remi Kramer

Your body is sixty percent water, your brain is seventy percent water, and your lungs are ninety percent water. So it’s safe to say you need water to survive. Water regulates body temperature, food digestion, and much more. Not drinking enough water can have dire consequences. The amount of water you drink daily is determined¬†by how much exercise you do, the weather you’re in, and any health conditions you may have.

When asked what would happen if you didn’t get enough water, answers weren’t very informative.”You can become dehydrated,” voiced Junior Annie Roe. Other answers were more to the point “You can get sick and die,” claimed Freshman Kayla Finnell. But what really happens to you when you become dehydrated? The smaller symptoms include dry mouth and skin, lack of tears, and joint pain. Early on you can also experience dizziness, irritability, and headaches. Later stages include feeling clumsy, exhausted, and fading of eyesight. In extreme cases you can become nauseous and begin vomiting, and eventually if you go without water for a long period of time, you will die. Not drinking enough water causes your heart to pump harder than usual, putting stress on it.

Drinking the necessary amount of water can give you many benefits, including clearer skin, more concentration, and general health. Freshman Jack Callaway told the positives of drinking water, “You’re healthier and you have more energy.”

But how much do you need? Depending on how much exercise you do, your gender, climate, and any health issues you may have affect your water intake. Junior Annie Roe says, “I try to drink at least five glasses of water a day.” For males aged fourteen to eighteen, fourteen cups or one hundred and twelve ounces daily is a healthy amount. Females aged fourteen to eighteen should drink ten cups or seventy-eight ounces daily.The mistake most people make is forgetting the water you get from food. Approximately twenty percent of your water intake should come from your diet. So are you getting enough?

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