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Technology: Helping or Hurting?

Julia Ramsey pulling her hair out of frustration with her slow computer.

Pulling out her hair, Julia Ramsey gets frustrated with her slow computer.

By Cori Fisher

Technology has been invented to improve our lives and advance our intelligence. Nowadays, the internet is not living up to the standard expected to help student’s education. With poor internet connection and inaccessible internet, some students have been left in the dust all over the world.

Due to our technology advancing society, our education relies heavily on the internet. Which proves to be more of a barrier than a step forward, in the lives of middle class kids and lower. “I like paper homework better because it is so much more convenient for me. I think that online homework should be forgotten about very easily,” states Freshman Kelsey Kagan. Research done by the Pew Research Center Internet and American Life Project, shows us that there is a growing gap in education and performance in the classroom between the poor and the wealthy. Poorer kids that live in the more deserted areas, receive poor internet which is essential to their homework, assignments, and exams to pass school. While kids with easy access to computers, keep up, and excel. Statistics show that only 20% of middle class kids have internet access at home, as 3% of lower-income kids.

Aly Rutherford, a junior here at Viera explained, “I believe it’s not fair or right for students who are financially impaired to have the burden of poor grades due to such an unnecessary problem.” Do you think it is in the hands of the kids to get good grades if their assignments are out of reach? Another junior at Viera, Emily Kaletcher, says she stresses out over her undone homework that resulted from her computer breaking, and she falls behind quickly. Loss of internet and online access results in many troubles for students who really need to do well in school to go far. Different countries struggle to follow the United States’ example of improving education because they cannot follow every teaching procedure due to poor internet connections and low-income. The very few funds to help kids use computers and poor internet Wi-Fi connections formulate into serious issues among schools.

The internet has been helpful in a lot of ways, and has advanced us in our education. There is a lot of good in technology but there are also its downfalls. For example, the internet allows kids to explore more information than a teacher can teach them in a lifetime. It opens up opportunities to come across information they probably didn’t even search for. It is a mind opener, and a gateway to unimaginable things.

Allowing one student access to the internet and one without, could likely result in a huge learning disadvantage. How could you offer education to one child and not to another because they don’t have access to it? The real question that should be asked is, do we have a solution to solve this? What can be done? A student here at our school, Viera high suggests that teachers should have an alternative form for kids without access to the internet, and that they should always have paper copies available. This issue may always continue to have its pros and cons, but this issue is becoming larger, the more technically advanced we become. What do you think will solve this?

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