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Soccer Superstar: Kaley Verpaele

Kaley practicing juggling.

Kaley Verpaele perfecting her touches on the ball. Photo Credit: Karis Verpaele

By Julia Ramsey
“I love to play soccer because no matter what I do with soccer, hard or easy, I enjoy it,” says Kaley Verpeale. Verpeale is a starting player on the Viera High School Varsity Girls’ Soccer team. She is a fourteen year old with immense passion for the game.  “Starting on varsity as a freshman is such an honor and an amazing feeling. It means a lot to me and shows that I can handle older, bigger players,” expresses Verpeale.

Verpaele has scored about fifteen goals this past high school season, also making countless assists. Verpaele’s strength on the field is her acceleration that drives the ball straight to the goal. Another strength of Verpaele’s is that she communicates well on the field and is very physical. She is a hardworking athlete and is never negative. Whenever you see her play you can tell she’s always on her game. Her position on the field is center mid-field; her crisp touches on the ball and smooth moves help her to do very well in that position. Verpaele’s favorite moves are the “L”, and the Maradonna. She also possesses a secret weapon, a California-Throw-In. This is when the player with ball throws it in while doing a front hand spring. Sounds really complex right?Verpaele hopes to play soccer in her future with high hopes of Florida State University (FSU),University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), or Notre Dame. Verpaele claims that she couldn’t imagine ever playing another sport and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. “Soccer is my medicine and my outlet in life,” recalls Miss Verpaele. Friends and family are always encouraging her to do her best and to never give up. She says that they are what keep her going through the hard practices, fitness and exhausting games.

Hollyn Knight is one of her teammates and is also a freshman on varsity. Knight plays forward and sometimes midfield. She is on the same club team and high school team as Verpaele. “I enjoy being on the same club and high school team as Verpaele  because she is always positive and she is fun to be around,” says Knight.  Knight’s favorite thing about Verpaele is her love for the game and that she is always by her side. Knight also explains that her teammate is one of the most hard-workers that she has ever seen. Knight refers to Verpaele as the “bulldozer” because she runs right through people and beats them. As a talented athlete, she is always working extremely hard and improves everyday. Kaley Verpaele is a superstar player that is impossible to overlook on the field!



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