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“Stand Your Ground”

Should Americans be allowed to carry guns? Most believe this is a right for protection but what if innocent lives are taken by naïve minds?

On February 26, 2012, seventeen year old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed around approximately 7:00 PM in Sanford, Florida. Martin was reportedly shot by George Zimmerman who was the neighborhood watch man. The teen was temporarily staying in Zimmerman’s neighborhood. Around 7:16 PM, shots were reported to the Sanford police department who then responded within two minuets of the shooting. Zimmerman claimed his actions were self defense, yet family said Martin was just going to the store. The stores security tape confirmed Martin’s actions before the crime. Zimmerman stated he was attacked, but evidence said otherwise. Later in the year, Zimmerman went to trial and was found not guilty of any charges.

On November 23, 2012, seventeen year old Jordan Davis and his friends pulled into a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida playing their loud music. Michael Dunn was also there with his fiancée. Dunn was bothered by how loud the teens had their music-“rap crap,” he called it- playing, and then proceeded to ask them to turn it down. What happened next is something you won’t believe. Out of anger and frustration, Dunn fired three volleys of shots-ten bullets total-three of those bullets hitting and killing Davis. After, Dunn was spotted back at his hotel where he walked his dog, ordered a pizza, and had a drink; all without notifying the police. Prosecutors were “stunned and shocked how things escalated the way they did over a common courtesy.” Recently, Dunn was on trial and convicted of attempted murder and found guilty on multiple counts.

Should “stand your ground” legislation be the blame? The public tends to be split on the opinons fifty-fifty. Many want to feel safe knowing that they will be able to protect themselves, where as others feel it’s a dangerous law. More than just these two lives were taken too soon by someone who thinks they were protecting themselves. This law puts so much power in one’s hands that it’s hard to identify justice from injustice. Yes, you have the right to protect yourself and the ones you love, but is it right to kill another human being in attempts to protect yourself?



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