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How to Deal with School and Sports at the Same Time

Euro 2012 Soccer Semi-Final - Spain v Portugal

Kicking the ball, famous athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo proves that all sports require skill.

By Kiana East

As a student athlete, you must stay on top of your school work in order to get good grades just like everyone else, even with a tight schedule. Although practice and games may get in the way of school work, you still have to do the same amount of work as everyone else. If you follow simple steps, you can deal with both. It might get frustrating at times, but if you create a schedule to do homework every night before or after practice, ask your teachers for work ahead of time, and do any extra credit offered, you will be able to deal with school and sports.

Being committed to a sport has major requirements, such as practices and games with set times. Noel Fleig, a cheerleader for Viera High School said, “I get as much homework as I can done in school and do the rest right after practice.” If you keep a schedule of times and dates, it becomes easier to make enough time for school work.

This is also a great reason to ask your teachers for work ahead of time. You should ask your teacher for work beforehand so that you don’t have to worry about it interfering with your sport. This also helps to get a few steps ahead on work so that your grade increases while you still get to enjoy practices and games. Softball player Ashley Dehn comments, “I prefer to get all of my school work done ahead of time so that I can still participate in practices and games, and also choose things I want to do for the rest of the week.”

By doing extra credit, you can boost your grade up, which also puts you ahead. Obtaining extra credit points can benefit you in many ways. Jalen Whitehead, a basketball player for Viera High School said, “I hate dealing with the stress of basketball season and piles of school work. So when I do extra credit, if I have a long night after a game, I can still have a good grade without doing an assignment.” Extra credit can have a tremendous amount of positive outcomes and easily improve grades.

Hectic nights of practice or games with endless amounts of homework is something no teenager wants to go through. Every athlete has experienced this before, but if you follow these simple tips, you can easily help your grades and avoid unwanted stress.



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