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Savoring candy can be much sweeter now! Finally someone created a candy that is not only tasty, but also healthier than regular candy.

By Morghan Olaiz

M&M, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Snickers, and Milky Way are some of  the most well know and favorite candies in the world.  If it was possible, most people would never stop  eating these deliciously tasty treats!  However, we all know that no matter how delicious this candy is, it will never be good for you…or will it?

Nicky Bronner, a homeschooled fifteen year-old, dared to wonder if it was possible to have healthy, but still amazing tasting candy.  After having an argument with his parents for throwing away most of his Halloween candy because they claimed it was unhealthy, Nicky decided to research candy to prove his parents wrong.  Unfortunately, he soon found out that his parents were right.  However, with all of his research Nicky saw that just because candy was bad that didn’t mean it had to be unhealthy for you.  With all the research he collected on candy, Nicky realized that most candy could be remade without all of the bad ingredients, so he set out to create that candy! (http://online.wsj.com)

To many this is the greatest idea in candy history!  Finally, we can enjoy the candy that we love without feeling guilty.  Hitting the hallways of Viera High School, we uncovered what students have to say.  Senior Rolanda Hayes explains what she thinks of Unreal candy:  “Unreal candy tastes the same as real candy.  They have the same texture, and the filling in the inside tastes the same.”  Most students agree that Unreal candy is just as good, if not better, than regular candy.  However, the question is can Unreal candy help with obesity?

The main opinion held by students is clearly stated by Junior Amanda Blanchard, “Maybe to help people wean off candy.  But, if you’re going to be healthy, then you shouldn’t be eating candy.”  While Unreal might not stop obesity, it is clear that it will at least slow it down.  Though Unreal’s main challenge will probably be the competition of bigger corporations.

No matter what challenges Unreal faces, there are many supporters behind them, especially here at Viera High.  Students want to see many of their favorite snacks – even ones that are not candy – become healthier while still tasting great.  Senior Will Sattler says, “I would like to see soda products become healthier.”  Who knows, maybe Unreal will not only “unjunk” candy, but also tons of other junk food items as well.

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