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How to… Procrastinate

By Taylor Skeen

 Hold on.

 (Days later)

Okay, sorry. So here’s the thing, we high-schoolers basically put the ‘pro’ in procrastinating. Yet, how do we purposely procrastinate? Well, here are some things you can do except your task at hand.

First off, who doesn’t love wasting time on YouTube? Indulge yourself with funny youtubers such as Casper Lee, Troye Sivan, Joe Sugg, and eventually the thousand others you will stumble upon hours later. Another topic to lose yourself on is Youtube beauty. If you are interested in learning beauty techniques, look to Zoella, Michelle Phan, or Bethany Mota. Again, you will always find more videos the longer you are sucked into the YouTube universe.

Another time-consuming website is Netflix. On Netflix, you are able to watch just about anything and everything. From Walking Dead to Pretty Little Liars, Netflix offers a variety of shows and movies.

While waiting for The Fault In Our Stars or Divergent to come to theaters, read or reread the books! Since you have procrastinating to do, why not join a world unlike your own? Take out a book of your choice and get sucked into that charcter’s point of view.

If you are reading and are not easily distracted, listen to music. If you would rather listen to music than read, then toss the book away and listen to Sleeping With Sirens, 2Chainz, Luke Bryan, or Katy Perry while staring into space. Thus, wasting time and not even realizing that you are doing so.

Sleeping is always a fun way to make the daylight dissipate. Why not fall asleep to the sound of procrastination?

If you aren’t tired, you’re probably hungry. Go make yourself a PB&J and snack for a bit. By the time you’re done, you’ll definitely be ready for a nap.

If all else fails, lay down on the floor. Think about all the work you have to do, even how to do it but just don’t get up. Don’t actually do it yet. Do anything but all work that you are seeking to put off.

Procrastination, if you haven’t found out, is doing anything but the task at hand until the last few minutes, hours, or days you have to complete it. Now that you’ve procrastinated by taking your sweet time reading this, go do your homework! Or don’t, that’s your choice.



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