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iPhone 6 Surprises


Some of the oldest to the newest versions of Apple’s iPhone line in order to show off the differences between the models.

By Tori Nixon and Katie Goodman

As Apple is growing in size and in knowledge, the company is proud to release its newest high-flying iPhone later this year in mid-September. Enhanced with some fancy new features and a high price, Apple is planning on making big bucks on their newest and most high tech product yet. Customers are anxiously waiting to see what the new iPhone will have in store and what it will offer to them.

With the new iPhone being released in September, Apple has included so many new features and applications to have the phone live up to its expectations. Rumors say that the phone will include no physical buttons, a wraparound wallpaper screen, wireless charging, and so much more. Freshman, Julia Ramsey states, “I want to see a better quality camera and better durability so it won’t crack or break as easily.” Most of Viera High School agrees along with Senior Cole Nixon who wants not only to see a better camera and durability but also wants to see a bigger screen and louder speakers. The new iPhone 6 is supposed to be the most high tech iPhone yet and by the looks of these rumors and the opinions of Viera High School Students, it sounds like it will win over most people.

The new iPhone 6 has an estimated cost of $549 to $929 based on certain contracts and cell phone service providers. Viera High School students find the price to be a bit expensive. They all agree that it is not a fit price for a high schoolers budget considering that age group will be Apple’s biggest customers when the phone comes out. Sophomore Lina Ruiz states, “I would pay $250 maximum because I’m cheap. I think the iPhone 6 is way overpriced.” Freshman, Michelle Pillado agrees by saying she won’t get one until the price goes down.

Apple says this will be their most amazing iPhone yet. With all the new applications and features, it is sure to get buyers. Sophomore Sebastian Samuels states, “The new iPhone will be a big hit and will definitely get customers right off the bat.” Viera High School can’t wait to see what Apple has to offer next and neither can the rest of the world. With the iPhone being released soon the world has gone into non stop talk about everything it has to offer.

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