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Across the school, Kimmy  wheels herself around lugging her oxygen tank.  She took home first place and a free prom ticket on Thursday.

Across the school, Kimmy wheels herself around lugging her oxygen tank. She took home first place and a free prom ticket on Thursday.

By Taylor Sapp

For the first time Viera High School has decided to have not only one spirit week for homecoming, but another for Powder Puff as well. The student body responded with plenty of well-crafted and exciting outfits to possibly win a prom ticket. When asked what makes a prize worthy spirit week outfit, Brooke Sheppard a senior at VHS said, “You need to go to the extremes with your outfit and it has to fit the personality you are dressed up as too.” Many students enjoyed the many clever costumes students created considering it was an unexpected week. The spirit week started off with College Day, where students dressed in their favorite college colors or wore apparel of the college they will be attending in the fall. Lauren Palombi was the winner of the day, she decked herself out in University of Florida attire, even a snuggie.

Tuesday Viera took a trip to the tropics, wearing Hawaiian attire. Colorful lei’s, beach chairs, and surfboard’s filled the school throughout the day. Some students even brought beach chairs to sit in between classes in the courtyard. Brianna Muzzy and Donald Graham were the winners for the best Hawaiian attire.

Wednesday celebrated Powder Puff; the junior and senior rivalry was fierce. Unfortunately, later in the day admistration rescheduled the game for the following Wednesday, due to weather. Those on the junior and senior Powder Puff teams wore their lime green and black shirt to show their spirit.

Generation Day took place on Thursday and students were able to bring out their inner toddler, adult, and elder. Kimmy Graham a senior, and one of the winners for that day, went all out sparing no detail. Her outfit consisted of a walker, oxygen tank, hearing aid, pill carrier and other various articles of clothing that topped off her persona. When asked about her inspiration and reason for dressing up she explained saying, “I pretty much just took everything my grandma wears and used it to win a prom ticket.” The other champions of the day were Tracy Love and Claudia Del Pozo. They craftily created pregnant soccer mom outfits that left everyone laughing as they passed by.

Last but not least, Green and gold day took place on Friday; an event every Viera High spirit week takes part in. underclassmen were to dress in green while upperclassman were to dress in gold. The week finished off with an action packed pep rally Friday afternoon. All spring and winter sports were able to come out to the court and receive applause and cheers from the student body. Students played a few games to entertain the crowd and the pep rally ended in an abrupt stampede started by the seniors.

The Powder Puff spirit week allowed students one more opportunity to dress up and have fun before the school year ended. Aaron Kirchenbaum said the week was, “good! But I would have liked to have seen, more people get involved and dress up.” Despite a slight lack in involvement those who participated enjoyed the experience and the added school spirit.



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