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It’s the Little Things in Life

By Stephanie Spratte

The Little Couple makes it on the cover of People Magazine, having a four page article about their intriguing lives.

The Little Couple makes it on the cover of People Magazine, having a four page article about their intriguing lives.

There have been television series featured on TLC that bring viewers into the lives of everyday people. Some strange like Honey Boo Boo, others where you get to know the families like 19 Kids and Counting. However, there is one series where many near and far have fallen for: The Little Couple.

Bill Klein, 39 and four feet tall, and Jennifer Arnold, 40 and 3’2, the two who make The Little Couple, met in 1980 when they were both ten years old. Having Skeletal Dysplasia, Bill traveled to a hospital in Baltimore for physical therapy, while Jen traveled to the same hospital for one her many surgeries.  In an interview with TLC, Jen called it “fate” that they had the same surgeon as when they were toddlers. ­When Bill first approached Jen, she was in post-op. “…He was creeping in the halls in his little chair and came into my room – so he tells me – and tried to strike up a conversation. Apparently I was cranky and ignored him and said go away, which doesn’t surprise me,” says Jen, “But, the reason I know it’s all true is because everything he described about that day, me and the people in the room was perfect.” Little did the two lovebirds know, that awkward encounter with a stranger, would eventually be their spouse.

Love was truly fate for these two. Coming into each other’s lives, then going their own ways and later on meeting once more through an online dating site. Crazy! At some point in our lives, we go on a first date with someone we care for. When asked, “What was your first date?” by interviewers, the pair spoke about how Bill flew out to Pittsburgh to meet Jen for coffee. This meager Starbucks date turned into a Sushi date, but instead of eating, they chatted for three hours straight. Now, if you watch the show, you’d see that both Jen and Bill have a case of the hopeless romantic bug.  Their first date took place in 2008, and the couple said their “I do’s” later that year. Seems a bit on the speedy side, right? Well, being that they were childhood friends, basically set up by the hospital staff, and officially went out when their paths crossed on an online dating site, it’s about darn time.

“…First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.” This famous jingle was spot on for The Little Couple. Sadly, it was a long and hard road. With Jen’s small stature, she was physically unable to carry a child so they turned to alternative pregnancy options. Having no luck with surrogacy, Bill and Jen turned to adoption. In March of 2012, a three year old from China, also with Skeletal Dysplasia, made his way into their loving home. William, their first child, was welcomed with wide-open arms. “He’s brilliant for his age.” Bill mentions in one of their episodes, “He thinks outside the box.” Two years after it being just the three of them, another addition was added to their family. In early 2014, Bill and Jen traveled with Will to India to meet their new two year old daughter, Zoey, who has Skeletal Dysplasia as well. Growing up in an orphanage, she was extremely cautious with getting close to her new family. “She is a very strong personality,” Jen giggled when describing Zoey.

Just as things start to look amazing for the new family, Jen discovers she has stage three Choriocarcinoma, a rare form of cancer, and begins a grueling fight against her 3’2” body. “She’s a fighter,” Bill voiced about his beloved wife. Now in remission, Jen is starting to have a relationship and bond with Zoey and they are excited for many new (good and healthy) memories.

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