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Summer Time Vacations

Enjoying time with her sister, Sarah Seibert goes hiking for the day.

Enjoying time with her sister, Sarah Seibert goes hiking for the day.

By Cami DiGiacomo and Kiana East

Summer is the most longed time of the year. School is finally over and vacation has begun; there’s so much to do in only two months! The summer seems to arrive quicker each year in high school and as the year comes to an end, more and more vacation ideas are popping in to the minds of teachers and students.

For Freshman Shannon Lamontagne, staying in Florida is the perfect vacation. “I’ve always wanted to go to the Keys,” Shannon exclaims. With a new experience ahead, Shannon can’t wait to go for the first time to get tan and go boating. “I’ve been boating and plan on wakeboarding, snorkeling, and even swimming with dolphins! The Keys is at least a 4 hour drive from Central Florida, but with many Keys to choose from, it’s well worth the drive for a little piece of paradise!

Junior Sarah Seibert is finding herself west over the summer in Colorado. “My family wants to tour Yellowstone National Park. I’m excited to go for the first time with my siblings,” Sarah explained. With pretty mountains to see, Colorado is a nice change from the flat Florida landscape we are all used to. Other fun things to experience in Colorado during the summer are white water rafting, hiking, and horseback riding!

Sophomore Kendall Jensen is making her way down to Destin Beach, South Florida for her first time to explore the gorgeous beaches there. With her family, she plans on staying at a condo on the beach. “It’s a fun new experience and an awesome way to get away for a while!” Destin Beach is famous for its white sand beaches and clear water- what else is there to ask for?!

As you can see, students are becoming anxious for their summer vacations. With the school year coming to an end so rapidly, it’s hard to keep the excitement contained. With high expectations, all are hoping it’s everything they thought it would be. The countdown has begun!



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