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By Claudia Del Pozo and Bianca Buschor

The greatest night of an upper-classman’s life is soon to arrive. Girls don themselves in overly-expensive and excessively bedazzled gowns, lather themselves in perfume, and pile their hair in one perfectly arranged pile atop their head. The guys are commanded to dig deep into their wallets to make the night possible, which ultimately includes everything minus their significant other’s attire, and escort their lovely dates to one night of pure bliss—prom. Yet the dance itself is not what riles bachelors and bachelorettes into a self-induced tizzy. It’s the concept of being asked to prom that causes the most horror.

Being in a state of ignorance concerning one of the most high-class evenings of their lives is not healthy for the single lads and ladies of the school. Traditionally, in order to obtain a date, one simply has to ask. However, times have changed, and now asking a sweetheart to prom is an art form in itself. It must cater to their every possible expectation regarding a proposal as crucial as prom. The proposal could either be as flashy as a headlining show in Vegas, simply private and heartfelt, or a dangerous mix of both. In any case, though, it is important to remember that there must be photos of the proposal, and those photos must be Instagram-worthy.

“Promposals”, as they are commonly called, have made a big appearance at Viera this year. We’ve seen a wide array of attempts at wooing a potential date, ranging from the intimate and small to the outrageous and over-the-top. Junior Sarah Grantham shared that the best promposal she has seen was when Aaron Kirschenbaum asked Taylor Sapp at lunch, having numerous people, including Mr. Hickey, wearing custom-made T-shirts that spelled out “PROM?” Travis Daigle from eleventh grade, on the other hand, prefers the more private types of promposals. “I’m more of a small and intimate kind of person,” he says, “mainly because it is a special thing between me and my girlfriend.”

Sometimes it’s difficult to get past the excitement of the pre-prom season and remember how much fun the actual event will be, but students are growing more excited every day for the highly anticipated event. This year’s theme, “The Great Gatsby”, promises to be equally glamorous and crazy, and everyone, especially the senior class, is looking forward to spending the evening with their best friends. Hope Leonard, a junior, shares this sentiment, and is most excited about dressing up for the event. Sophomore Dylan Layun knows that next year, one thing he will not be excited for is the price of prom. In fact, he thinks that the one thing that should be changed about prom is the formal attire. “It saves the parents, or prom-goer, about $250 or more for a dress or tux that they’ll only wear one time.”

However you decide to spend your prom, remember to have fun and not let the stress of the event get to you. This should be a great memory for everyone, and even if every aspect doesn’t turn out picture-perfect, just try to get past it and enjoy your evening. The only question now is how will you have a blast at PROM?



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