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Upcoming Yearbook Themes for 2015

By Allison Summers and Nikki Corcione

Upcoming yearbook themes for the 2015 class are in the process of being made. Currently there are six themes, and we need opinions from the student body to help decide which one is the best for the 2015 school year. The six themes were carefully constructed  by Ms.Ferry’s fifth period class. Students involved in this process are mostly in teams of up to three. The students include, Lili Kendall and Dayana Westhaver with the cover of “This is it.” Lauren Denien, Andrea Dana, and Aly Rutherford with the cover “Timeless.” Eva Tahernia, Allie Conway, and Chelsea Long with the cover of “You Are Here.” Cameran Merritt and Christiana Merchant with the cover of “Picture this.” The last idea comes from Rachel Akram and Cathryn Kaiser with the idea of “A Touch of Gold.” All of the groups have great ideas and creative themes.

this is it

Sophomores Lilli Kendall and Daynana Westhavers idea for a cover will start us off. Their title is “This is it.” They received inspiration from the movie about Michael Jackson’s titled “This is it.” As Lilli explains, “The cover of the book will have (like the movie poster) a silhouette of a student in their cap and gown, and within the silhouette will be images of various student life photos.” The background color will be white to show the silhouettes, and around them will be a “Gradient blue shadow.” The girls picked these colors with the hopes of  preventing  clashing within the images planned inside the silhouettes. Silhouettes will be a reoccurring theme throughout the book. A good example of this would be for sport pages, a silhouette playing that specific sport would be placed. We asked each group to give a reason for why their theme is the best and why it should be picked for the 2015 yearbook cover. Lilli and Dayana responded, “I think our theme is the best because I think it will allow us to utilize more images that would otherwise not be featured in the yearbook by using the silhouettes. Also, I think this theme will allow the yearbook staff to get really creative with their photography and page ideas overall. And by using our cover, I think it’ll represent all aspects of the school really well.”


Next we have the staff Eva Tahernia, Allie Conway, and Chelsea Long. Their title is “You Are Here.” The title is saying that you are here in the now, and it’s all about where you are and where you want to be. Their theme includes elements referring to location. Their reoccurring elements include longitude and latitude lines as borders, degree values and miles for page numbers, and pinpoints to highlight elements of a spread. The current section will be in focus, while the rest are blurred. The street signs are cute and colorful, not like regular street signs. For example, the sign could read: Sports – 232 miles. The miles would be the page number. Someone also had the idea to use who, what, when, where, why, and how as a reoccurring content theme on their spread. They haven’t set a specific color scheme, but they believe they would like to focus on blue and greens. Also, they believe it is important to at least include the school colors. It is very important that you visualize how you can construct your content in an attractive way while still staying true to your concept.

capture this

Cameron Merritt, and Christina Merchant were the head creators with the help of Laura Difilippi, Aimee Riddlehoover, and Teresa McCoy. Their title is “Picture this.” They chose this name because their theme is photo based. The theme is based around Polaroids and Polaroid cameras. Cameron explained the layout of the front cover: “For our cover, we plan to have a hand drawn Polaroid camera with a stream of photos coming out of the camera, and flowing onto the back cover, as the photos go on, the color of the photo gradually fades to black and white. ” Their plan for background texture includes making it feel like a wooden table. Their color shceme  is pastel based because of the softer, lighter toned pictures Polariods usually take. Cameron Merritt and Christian Merchant enthusiastically state, “ We believe our theme is the best because it truly involves capturing as much student life as possible, as yearbook staff, that is our main goal when creating this book. It is also something relevant and intriguing, everyone is getting back into Polaroid cameras.”


Then we have Andrea Dana, Lauren Denien, and Aly Rutherford with their cover “Timeless.” They chose this cover because they wanted to capture the element of “ unforgetableness” and emphasize that the memories you make here at Viera last forever. The cover will have a gold-plated antique pocket watch. The hour hand will be on the one and the minute hand on the five, representing the year of 2015. The cover will be maroon and the rest of the book will have an organic color scheme, blacks, yellows, reds, etc. Lauren says, “ Our theme is the best for the 2015 yearbook because we incorporate a lot of other theme ideas into our plan. It ties in the old with the new and will be preserved throughout all of our one’s life; truly timeless.”


Last, but not least, we have Rachel Akram and Cathryn Kaiser with their cover “A Touch of Gold.” They decided on this because it represent the gold color in Viera’s school colors. The idea behind it is that gold is the more classy color of Viera’s colors, and that bring out the best and most in exciting parts throughout the year. They described that the theme will be fairly simple and classic. The idea is to kind of promote and expose the most spirited parts of VHS through the yearbook. They want everyone to feel like a community that is closely knit together, and plan to get that out through the theme. The color scheme that was chosen is green and gold, as well as black and white. The green and gold is obviously to bring out the spirited side of VHS and stick to our school’s colors. The black and white is what they want to use for larger and more prominent photos because they look classic and clean. Rachel says, “Our theme should be the 2015 cover because it’s simple, yet exciting. It’s exciting because it brings out more of the “hawk pride” that the student body claims to have. We want everyone to be as involved as possible and VHS not only a school, but a family.”

All are great options for next year’s yearbook theme. Every group worked very hard and they are all excellent in their own way.



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