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A Workout Fit for a Battlefield

By Maria Robles

Working towards a heroic goal, United States Army personnel work towards sensational fitness goals to ensure their safety and robust skills when they are needed.

Working towards a heroic goal, United States Army personnel complete sensational fitness goals to ensure their safety and robust skills when they are needed.

Engulfed by a dark battlefield, full of explosive noises and enemy shots, only one thing can save you: yourself. Every soldier is required to meet a high standard of fitness, which starts long before they are ever met with the tough scenarios of war. To be fully ready for the constant exercise of the career, a strict work out has been created to lead civilians to the end goal of strong health and fitness.

To properly being a workout, stretching of each muscle being strengthened should occur. Begin with the arms, pulling each arm behind your head at a bent angle for ten seconds each. Stretch abdominals by interlocking fingers and turning palms out. Lift arms over your head and lean back, holding the position for ten seconds. Calf stretches begin by being positioned with feet separated, so the left foot is back about two feet from the right. With both feet planted firmly on the ground, bend the right knee and push hips forward, while slightly arching the back. Switch feet to after ten seconds to complete the stretch. In order to safely workout, each stretch should be completed before and after working out for ten seconds each, or longer.

It is recommended to do push-ups in counts of four, to double the amount done (fifteen repetitions – or reps) without having the mental strain of counting to thirty. In order to do a proper push up, being on the ground with hands and feet less than twelve inches apart. Beginning in the up position, with head and eyes looking forward. On count one, lower the body until your arms are at a ninety-degree angle or lower. For count two, raise the body the up position, with locked arms. Count three and four are repetitions of counts one and two, respectively. Doing push-ups exercises chest and arm muscles.

In order to achieve significant results, twenty reps are recommended done in counts of four. To do a proper sit up, begin sitting with feet close together and held down by another person. Legs should be bent at a ninety-degree angle or can be up to twelve inches from your bottom. Arms should be positioned behind your head, with fingers interlocked. On count one, raise your torso all the way up, with the base of the neck being more forward than the base of the spine. On count two, go back down until the bottom of the shoulder blades touch the ground. Count three and four are repetitions of counts one and two, respectively. Through doing sit ups, your abdominals are being exercised.

Flutter kicks are typically done in reps of twenty-five, in sets of four. Begin lying down, with your hands beneath your bottom. Raise your feet, together, six inches above the ground. On count one, move left leg up three inches and your right leg down three inches. For count two, switch your legs; count three and four repeat switching between the legs. Flutter kicks are best for increasing strength in abdominals.

Done in reps of twenty and counts of four, mountain climbers begin in the push up start position, with the left knee brought up to their chest. On count one, switch legs, bringing the right knee up to your chest and your left leg back. Counts two through four, keep switching your legs, quickly and at a consistent rate. Both arm and leg muscles are enhanced through the completion and repetition of this exercise.

Through four count and a total of seventy reps, the over head clap strengthens are muscles. Begin this exercise with arms extended out, and palms up with fingers together. On count one, move hands over your head to and clap, keeping both arms straight. For count two, lower arms so they are parallel to the ground and repeat count one and two respectively for the remaining counts of three and four.

The eight-count burpee is most effective when completed in reps of fifteen. This extensive work out begins in the standing position, completely straight. Count one is a squat, and the subsequent count two drops down to the push up position. For counts three through six, do two push ups, with each up and down position being one count. On count seven, return to a squat, and on count eight jump and land in the same stiff, standing position. The eight-count burpee works out the chest, arms, and the legs.

In between quick paced workouts, take a minute breaks while continuing to exercise your muscles. Through planks, your abdominals are strengthened, depending on the duration of the plank. To do a proper plank, begin on the ground like you would for a push up. Instead of having locked arms, bend them so your forearms are holding your body off the ground. Keeping your body completely still and in a flat, slanted line – or a plank – squeeze your abdominal muscles. The duration of this exercise should be about a minute to a minute and a half, in between exercises. The best result from this exercise occurs if three reps are done during each workout.

To finish up a complete work out, running is used as a way to improve speed, endurance, and cardio. While all running is influential to an increase in cardio ability, different types of runs can improve certain physical aspects. Most obviously, running improves the strength and condition of leg muscles. Speed comes from running in sprints, commonly executed through wind sprints and uphill sprints. Endurance is built from long distance running, such as a two-mile run down in a timely matter.

For some, being fit is a desire; for a soldier, it is survival. This advanced and extensive work out ensures the safety and complete fitness needed for a future soldier. Workout for yourself and “be all that you can be.”



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