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By Morghan Olaiz and Victoria Santis

(c) GALE 2008 Asking for advice may seem hard, but in the end will make the situation easier to handle.

Every day, people are plagued with difficult problems.  Stresses about college, health, and other daily trials sometimes need multiple options in order to find a solution. But where can students turn to get the advice they need?  Well, they can always ask their peers, so we set off to find and help students at Viera High School who were in need of advice.

One student at Viera High, FailingByTeacher writes:  What should you do when you have a terrible teacher who grades impossibly hard?

Well FailingByTeacher, this is what your peers think:  Though some teachers may seem terrible most times, it is just a problem with communicating.  We believe you should go and talk to your teacher either before or after school.  Ask them if they have some time to spare to help you and talk to them about your grades.  Most teachers are actually very understanding and after learning that you have a problem will help you to figure out how to get your grades up.

Another student had a question about school lunches.  WantingHealthierFood asks:  Why do we not have healthier foods at lunch?

In actuality, the school board is pushing healthier foods, but as always, the choice is up to the students themselves.  Your peers say that the best way to ensure you’re eating healthier is by bring your own lunch from home if you can.  Something like a salad can be prepared the night before and refrigerated so you don’t have to worry about making a lunch in the morning.  However, if that doesn’t work, there are still some healthier options in the school cafeteria.

Furthermore, many students have questions similar to CollegeBound who wonders:  How should I prepare for college?

Your peers can help you out, CollegeBound!  We know that preparing and looking for colleges is a hard and sometimes frightening task, but here are some good tips to keep in mind when researching: First, discuss your ideas with family and friends they can help you figure out what your main interests are and which colleges are best for you, but don’t forget that it is your choice on where you want to go.  Second, prepare and take the ACT and SAT.  Colleges look at these tests and will want to know what score you earned, but don’t worry, there are many tips and practice tests online that you can study so you feel ready for these tests.  Third, research colleges and set up tours so you can get a feel for where you want to go.  Finally, research a ton of scholarships!  What most students don’t realize is that student loans can be very costly.  You could end up paying for them for years to come!  In order to avoid debt but still get an education at the school you want research scholarships and grants.  However, always make sure that you are signing up for a real scholarship because there are some scams made for students.  If a scholarship or grant asks you to give them money then walk away because you should not have to pay for either a scholarship or grant.

It’s impossible to go through life without problems.  However, you don’t have to figure out how to handle those problems alone.  Your peers are here to listen and give advice whenever you need help.




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